2.2 The ZENworks Orchestrator Console

The ZENworks Orchestrator Console is the main operations center for the Orchestrator Server. It is installed with the ZENworks Orchestrator Client and the Orchestrator Server when you install in YaST. To launch the Orchestrator Console, go to the /opt/novell/zenworks/zos/server/bin and run the./zoc command. Log into the server. For information on general Orchestrator Console operations, see Walkthrough: Launch the ZENworks Orchestrator Console in the Novell ZENworks Orchestrator 1.2 Installation and Getting Started Guide.

In its tree view, the Orchestrator Console shows all available physical, VM host machines, VMs, and VM Builder host machines available in your managed data center, similar to the following figure.

Figure 2-10 ZENworks Orchestrator Console with VM Management Elements

You use the Orchestrator Console to perform various management actions so you can use VMs as resources in your data center.

2.2.1 Orchestrator Console VM Management Actions

There are several important actions to do with your VMs in the Orchestrator Console. These include finding the VMs from the Provision menu and operating the VMs from the right-click menu. These actions include the following:

  • Discover VM Hosts: Use the Provision > Discover VM Hosts menu to discover all VM host machines with the Orchestrator Agent installed on them. For more information on discovering VM hosts, see Section 3.2.1, Discovering Virtual Machine Hosts in the ZENworks Orchestrator Console.

  • Discover VMs: Use the Provision > Discover VM Images menu to discover all the VMs available in the VM Warehouse that are deployable to your VM hosts. You can also choose the Repository in the Repositories menu in the tree, right-click it and select Discover VM Images to discover the VM images stored on that specific storage location. These are sorted according to the provisioning adapter. For more information on discovering VMs, see Section 4.3, Discovering Virtual Machines.

    For further information on the actions to take after you have discovered your VMs, see Section 5.3, Managing a Virtual Machine in Runtime.

2.2.2 Using Virtual Machines as Resources

After you have discovered all the VMs in your data center and provisioned them, you can write jobs and create constraints to use VMs just as the Orchestrator Server uses physical machines. For more information on using VMs in your data center, see Section 5.0, Deploying Virtual Machines.