3.2 Building and Discovering Virtual Machines

After you have discovered your physical resources, resumed the VNC job, and have set the correct number of joblet slots for the VM Builder host and other VM host machines, you can begin to discover and build VMs in your data center. For information on building your new VMs using the VM Builder, see Section 4.2, Building a Virtual Machine. For information on discovering VMs in your data center, see Section 4.3, Discovering Virtual Machines.

3.2.1 Discovering Virtual Machine Hosts in the ZENworks Orchestrator Console

When you load Orchestrator Console with active VM Management, you can to use your VMs as resources in your data center from the Orchestrator Console. Before you can use your VMs, you need to discover the machines on which they reside and on which they will run.

  1. At a command line (in the /opt/novell/zenworks/zos/server/bin folder), enter $./zoc.

  2. Log in as the administrator of the grid.

  3. Click Provision > Discover VM Hosts to display the Discover VM Hosts dialog box.

  4. Select your provisioning adapter (vcenter, vmserver, or xen30) from the drop-down menu.

    IMPORTANT:In order to use Xen 3.0 virtual machines, select xen30. For more information, see Section 3.3, First Run Actions in the VM Management Interface.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Look at the Jobs screen in the Orchestrator Console to verify that the job has started.

After your VM host machines are discovered, you can refresh your tree view or wait for the automatic tree refresh to notice under the provisioning adapter the listing of the VM host machine, though no VMs will be listed

For a listing of the VM technologies and supported host and guest operating systems, see Section B.1, Virtual Machine Technologies.

3.2.2 Running a Job to Install the ZENworks Orchestrator Agent to a Newly Provisioned Virtual Machine

To run a job that installs the Orchestrator Agent on a VM, you need to set the constraints in the job to find the type of VM you want, then it automatically installs, similar to the example found at Section C.1, Installing the ZENworks Orchestrator Agent on an Apache Virtual Machine.

You can also right-click the specific VM on which you want to install the Orchestrator Agent and choose