5.0 Mac Imaging

IMPORTANT:Mac imaging is supported only if the novell-proxydhcp service is running on port 67.

This section provides a brief overview and instructions for setting up NetBoot Service and deployment of macOS using ZENworks Primary and Satellite Servers.

The NetBoot Service feature in the ZENworks 2020 release enables administrators to use the existing ZENworks Primary and Satellite Servers (upgraded to ZENworks 2020) as an Apple NetBoot server and assign NetBoot, NetRestore and NetInstall images to Apple Mac devices by using the MAC address and model details.

Following are the different types of MAC NetBoot images:

  • NetInstall Image: This is a network based installer image, which can be used to install or update a device over network connection.

  • NetBoot Image: This is a network based operating system, which can be used instead of Operating System installed on a local hard drive.

  • NetRestore Image: This is a network based image, which erases the content of your hard drive and replaces with the contents of the network image.

NOTE:Netboot is not supported on newer MAC devices manufactured with a T2-chip.