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Developer Tools

The Developer Tools page will provide you with links to and information about many of the tools available to you that will aide you in creating solutions based on Novell products and technologies. If you have a favorite tool that is not listed here please let us know via the discussion link below.

We have also marked tools we use with "** We use it!" so you know that it has practical application and has been shown to be very compatible with building Novell-focused solutions.


  • Eclipse is an open source community whose projects are focused on building an open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle. A large and vibrant ecosystem of major technology vendors, innovative start-ups, universities, research institutions and individuals extend, complement and support the Eclipse platform.
  • NetBeans — All the tools software developers need to create cross-platform Java desktop, enterprise and web applications. Runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Solaris. It is easy to install and use, works right out of the box, and it is open-source and free!
  • Oracle JDeveloper is a free integrated development environment with end-to-end support for modeling, developing, debugging, optimizing, and deploying Java applications and Web services.


  • The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) includes front ends for C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, and Ada, as well as libraries for these languages (libstdc++, libgcj,...).
  • MonoDevelop is a cross-platform IDE primarily designed for C# and other .NET languages. It enables developers to quickly write desktop and ASP.NET Web applications on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX and makes it easy for developers to port .NET applications (created with Visual Studio) to Linux and Mac OSX— maintaining a single code base for all platforms.
  • The KDevelop Project was founded in 1998 to build up an easy to use IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for KDE. Since then, the KDevelop IDE is publicly available under the GPL and supports many programming languages.


  • ActiveState's Komodo IDE Komodo IDE 4 is a powerful, multi-platform, multi-language IDE for end-to-end development of dynamic web applications. Komodo IDE makes creating robust web apps fast and easy, with a rich feature set for client-side Ajax technologies such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript and XML, coupled with advanced support for dynamic languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl.

Code Editors, Profilers, Debuggers

  • Valgrind is an instrumentation framework for building dynamic analysis tools. There are Valgrind tools that can automatically detect many memory management and threading bugs, and profile your programs in detail. You can also use Valgrind to build new tools.
  • The GNU Project Debugger (GPD) allows you to see what is going on 'inside' another program while it executes — or what another program was doing at the moment it crashed. It can start and stop your program, examine what's happened, and change things so you can experiment with side effects of fixing bugs. The program being debugged can be written in Ada, C, C++, Objective-C, Pascal (and many other languages). Those programs might be executing natively or remotely.
  • Cscope is a tool for browsing and searching source code. You can search for all references to a symbol, global definitions, functions called by a function, functions calling a function, text strings, regular expression patterns, files, and files including a file.
  • jEdit is a programmer's text editor that runs on Mac OSX, OS/2, UNIX, VMS, and Windows. With dozens of plugins and macros, it's highly configurable and customizable and contains anything you'd expect in a text editor.


  • LiveCode is a “live” app creation tool — you can watch as your app comes to life while you work on it.
  • Lazarus/Free Pascal (native Novell + /glibc target support) — Lazarus is a Delphi-compatible, cross-platform IDE for Rapid Application Development. It has a variety of components ready for use and a graphical form designer to easily create complex graphical user interfaces.

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