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eDirectory Redistribution

Put eDirectory to work for you and your customers. Independent Software and Hardware Vendors (ISVs and IHVs) can offer customers Novell eDirectory, the IT industry's only proven, scalable, and secure LDAP directory - now supporting Linux, NetWare®, Solaris, AIX, and Windows servers, bundled with their products.

Customers are responsible for obtaining support for eDirectory from Novell, so all that ISVs and IHVs need to support is your application or hardware solution!

How redistributing Novell's directory helps you

Use your Novell eDirectory Redistribution Kit to:

  • Redistribute eDirectory with your shipping products- give your customers a proven directory to build scalable, secure eBusiness infrastructure.
  • Offer directory-enabled applications for secure identity management, provisioning, end-to-end of supply chain integration, customer relationship management, order processing.
  • Gain instant access to millions of potential customers who require the stability, security and cross-platform availability of eDirectoy to support your application.

ISVs and IHVs interested in bundling eDirectory with their solutions are required to join PartnerNet for Technology Partners. Additional requirements are based upon a mutually agreed upon OEM licensing contract.

PartnerNet for Technology Partners



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