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LDAP Extensions and Controls for JNDI

LDAP Extensions and Controls for JNDI provide extended operations available on Novell eDirectory. These extensions use LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), an Internet standard for accessing directory information, and JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface*) to provide a consistent interface across multiple services through the use of service providers.

LDAP Extensions and Controls for JNDI are LDAP v3-compliant and include support for the virtual list views and server-side sorting controls available on eDirectory. Because it uses LDAP, it has no dependencies on the Novell Client? software.

This component contains only the LDAP JNDI extensions and SSL. Standard JNDI controls for LDAP are included in Sun* Microsystems Java* Developer Kit.


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March 2006


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LDAP Extensions and Controls for JNDI

JDK version 1.1.7b or higher, JDK version 1.4 is recommended. If using a version lower than 1.3.1 see the readme for additional dependencies.


This is an unsupported component. We strongly recommend that you do not select components from this page and begin to use them in a production environment.

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