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YaST (Yet another Setup Tool) is the most powerful installation and system management tool in the Linux environment.

YaST safely guides you through the installation procedure. In many cases, a few clicks are all that is needed to install SUSE LINUX on your machine. YaST automatically detects the available hardware and submits proposals for resizing any existing Windows installation.

With YaST you can configure the Internet connection, the graphical interface, and peripheral devices such as printers and scanners in no time. YaST is also a reliable helper for the user administration, security settings, and the installation of additional software.

For instance, with the respective YaST module and Samba, even inexperienced Linux users can easily network Linux and Windows hosts. Graphical dialogs facilitate the configuration of DNS, DHCP, and web servers in the home network. Using the XNTP module, the host can easily be synchronized with an atomic clock time server...

By way of SUSE YOU (YaST Online Update), SUSE offers a unique system maintenance and optimization service. If new security patches are available on the SUSE server, these can be downloaded and installed during the installation. In the running system, the SUSE Watcher automatically provides users with information on security-relevant patches, enabling them to keep their system up to date. A free service that ensures a stable, secure, and efficient system at all times.

File Releases

YaST files

Source Code

The current SVN contains just snapshots of already released products. In a short time, YaST development is going to be moved to an externally accessible SVN repository (work in progress).

Latest News

New Official Mailing-Lists

Official YaST mailing-lists have been moved to openSUSE.





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