Package com.novell.nds.dirxml.job

Interface Summary
CheckParamResult Interface for reporting the results of a parameter check from a Job implementation.
CheckPrivileges Interface used to check directory privileges for the DirXML-Job object or for another directory object to a target object in the directory.
CheckPrivilegesResult Interface for reporting the results of a privileges check from a Job implementation.
DirectoryObject Interface that presents information about a directory object suitable for use with a directory API.
DriverInterface Interface for job code to interact with the containing DirXML driver.
Job Entry-point interface for a job that is to be run by Identity Manager's DirXML Engine.
JobEmail Interface to allow a Job implementation to send email using the Identity Manager email notification template facility.
JobManager Interface that supplies the various parameters, scope, and other aspects of a job.
JobResult Interface through which to report the result of a job.
JobScope Interface that iterates through the directory objects that are the scope of the job.

Class Summary
JobDTD Class containing String constants for various XML identifiers used in the job definition XML.
JobUtil Collection of utility methods to make it easier to write a job.
JobUtil.Association Class representing the association value on an object that corresponds to a given driver.
JobUtil.Instance Class encapsulating the information in an XDS instance element.
JobUtil.StructuredValue Class to report values for structured eDirectory attribute syntaxes.