Application Server 3.5

Class AgcJIntegerSpinnerField

All Implemented Interfaces:
Accessible, ActionListener, AgiControl, AgiHelpInfo, EventListener, FocusListener, ImageObserver, KeyListener, MenuContainer, MouseListener, MouseMotionListener, PropertyChangeListener, Serializable

public class AgcJIntegerSpinnerField
extends PvBasePanel
implements PropertyChangeListener, ActionListener, KeyListener, MouseListener, MouseMotionListener, FocusListener

A lightweight component that displays an integer in an input field. The field also has spinner buttons. The user can click the buttons to increment or decrement the value by the specified increment amount. You can allow the user to edit the value directly. AgcJIntegerSpinnerField can be bound to a database column.

There are methods for selecting or getting the integer value or individual characters from the input field. These include:

Other methods let you change the spinner increment value and the maximum and minimum values for the field. These include: