Application Server 3.5

Class AgoData

All Implemented Interfaces:
AgiRowCursor, AgiRowCursorSort, AgiRowCursorViewSupport, AgiRowSetEventProducer, AgiRowSetListener, AgiRowSetManager, Cloneable
Direct Known Subclasses:
AgaData, AgpData, AgrData

public class AgoData
extends com.sssw.rt.util.AgoRowCursor
implements AgiRowSetManager, AgiRowCursorSort, AgiRowSetListener, AgiRowCursor

Internal SilverStream class.

AgoData is the base class for data objects for forms, pages, business objects, etc. It is an AgoRowCursor (implements AgiRowCursor) with the following extensions:

Fields inherited from class com.sssw.rt.util.AgoRowCursor
Fields inherited from interface com.sssw.rt.util.AgiRowCursor
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void close()
          Close the data cache object, discarding all rows.
 void setDataSource(String busObjSpec)
          Specify that instead of using a relational data table, this AgcData object should act as a proxy to a data-source business object (DSO).
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dataReceivedAsync, dataReloaded, rowDataChanged, rowDeleted, rowInserted, rowPreDelete, rowPreInsert
Methods implemented from interface com.sssw.rt.util.AgiRowSetManager
clearRows, haveRowsChanged, query, query, refreshRows, updateRows

Constructor Detail


public AgoData()
Method Detail


public void setDataSource(String busObjSpec)
Specify that instead of using a relational data table, this AgcData object should act as a proxy to a data-source business object (DSO). The DSO is invoked by a call to the invokeQuery() method.


public void close()
           throws AgoException
Close the data cache object, discarding all rows. Any changes that have not been commited will be lost. No future operations on the data cache object will be allowed.
A data cache that is currently bound to a control on a form, view, or page should not be closed -- such a data cache will be closed automatically when its containing form, view, or page is closed.

Application Server 3.5