27.0 Setting Up GroupWise Web

New in 18.2

In GroupWise 18.2, Micro Focus is pleased to introduce GroupWise Web. GroupWise Web has an updated UI to access your GroupWise mailbox on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops through your web browser.

While the feature sets are not identical, in the next release of GroupWise, GroupWise Web will replace GroupWise WebAccess. In GroupWise 18.2, you can continue to use WebAccess and introduce GroupWise Web dependent on your organization’s needs. We highly encourage you to transition your users from WebAccess to GroupWise Web.

As GroupWise Web will be replacing WebAccess, all new features and enhancements will only be added to GroupWise Web and not WebAccess. WebAccess will continue to be supported until the next release of GroupWise.

IMPORTANT:You must have a GroupWise 18.2 or later system installed to be able to use GroupWise Web.