14.5 GroupWise Agents

14.5.1 Post Office Agent and Message Transfer Agent

  • The POA provides support for the calendar publishing and free/busy searching features in the Windows and WebAccess clients.

  • The POA includes the new Document Conversion Agent to provide indexing of additional document formats such as PDF, OpenOffice, and Microsoft Office 2007.

  • The POA also has enhanced performance when auto-archiving and emptying large numbers of items.

  • You can now display the agent startup files (domain.mta and post_office.poa) from the agent Web consoles.

14.5.2 GroupWise Internet Agent

Delayed Message Notification

Before GroupWise 8, users needed to check the Properties pages of messages sent to Internet users to see whether or not the messages had been transferred out of the GroupWise system. In GroupWise 8, the Internet Agent can be configured to provide a notification message to users whose e-mail messages cannot be immediately sent out across the Internet.

For more information, see Configuring SMTP/MIME Services in Internet Agent in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide.

More Flexibility with Rule-Generated Messages

Blocking of rule-generated messages has been enhanced to provide more options. Before GroupWise 8, you could configure the Internet Agent to either block all rule-generated messages or allow all rule-generated messages. In GroupWise 8, you can differentiate between rule-generated replies to messages (such as vacation rule messages) and rule-generated forwards of messages (which can be a security issue).

For setup instructions, see Creating a Class of Service in Internet Agent in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide.

More Complete Configuration Information in the Internet Agent Web Console

The Internet Agent Web console now displays configuration settings for all settings that are available through ConsoleOne. In addition, you can view the Internet Agent startup file (gwia.cfg) at the Internet Agent Web console; however, you cannot edit it from the Web console.

For instructions, see Using the Internet Agent Web Console in Internet Agent in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide.

14.5.3 GroupWise WebAccess Agent

The GroupWise 8 WebAccess Agent includes no changes from the previous release.

14.5.4 GroupWise Monitor Agent

The GroupWise 8 Monitor Agent includes no changes from the previous release.

14.5.5 GroupWise Calendar Publishing Host

The Calendar Publishing Host is a new feature in GroupWise 8. It provides the following new capabilities:

  • Publishes GroupWise users’ personal calendars to the Web, so that they are readily available to non-GroupWise users.

  • Returns free/busy status to non-GroupWise users who want to set up appointments with GroupWise users.

For setup instructions, see Section 6.0, Installing the GroupWise Calendar Publishing Host. See also Calendar Publishing Host in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide.