Retain 4.9.2: How Retain Works

  Retain 4.9.2: How Retain Works
    Key Concepts
      What Retain Does
      How Retain works
      Retain Components and Their Roles
      Modules Overview
      How Retain Stores the Archives
      Retain’s Archive Data Organization
    Retain Functional Overview
      Importing and Archiving Data
      Metadata Vs. Message Data
      Exporting Data from Retain
      Removing Data from Retain
    Target Systems and Data Streams
      Smart Phone Targets
      Email System Targets
      Search Engine Targets
      How Archive Jobs Work
      An Archive Job Example
    Retain Users and the System Address Book
      User Removal Not Allowed
      Retain Handles Users with the Same Name
    Retention Services and Item Store Flags
      How Retain Works with GroupWise Retention Services
      How Retain Works with Exchange and Office 365
      How Retain Works with Gmail
    Retain Unified Archiving
    Legal Notice