The system's embedded chat facility allows customers and technicians to interact in real-time in relation to customer requests. When the chat facility is activated for the application, and if technicians have enabled their availability for chat sessions, customers with an active request can initiate a chat with the technician to whom specific customer requests are assigned. Otherwise, if the Privilege is selected within the application set-up, the customer can chat with any technician from the team to which the customer request is assigned.

Initiate a Chat Invitation

When a technician or members of a service team are online and available, as a customer you can initiate a chat session through the Customer Portal to get a real-time update.

To initiate a chat:

  1. In the top right-hand corner of the Customer Portal page, select the Chat link.

    The Technicians' availability window is opened.

  2. Select a Request ID# to join the Technician Chat queue.

    A message acknowledging the chat request, and the Customer’s position within the chat queue is displayed. Click to exit the chat queue. When a Technician accepts the chat invitation, the browser window updates to become a chat room.

  3. To exit the chat, close the browser window.

    The chat transcript is automatically stored within the Notes tab of the request.

Request Note

A chat session request note is created when the chat begins. The Note is continually updated as messages are posted by chat members. When the chat ends, a chat transcript is accessible to users and the customer within the Notes tab of the request.

If the technician selects the Email option when a chat is ended, customers receive an email that includes a transcript of the chat session.

NOTE:It is recommended that you do not refresh a chat session, because refreshing a chat window will effectively close a chat.