The Forums option allows customers and users of the support service to participate in an informal online discussion. Forum participants can capitalize on the broad knowledge of the customer and user community when they are researching issues and trying to resolve support issues.

Within the Forums tab, a list of Forum topics is displayed. Select a Forum or use the Search button to find a specific topic.

Searching a Forum

To search the Forums within the Forums tab:

  1. Click Search.

    The Forum Search screen is displayed.

  2. Enter any term or phrase relevant to your query. For details, see Full Text Search.

  3. Click Search.

    The table of results will be displayed with Forum Topic, Date Posted, Content.

  4. Click a Forum Topic name to display the Topic screen.

Joining a Forum

To participate in a Forum:

  1. Select Forums.

  2. Click on the Forum name link.

    The Topic Title screen is displayed.

  3. Click on a topic title to view the thread.

  4. Click New.

    A comments window is displayed

  5. Add comment, then click Save. After saving, you are redirected to Forum Topic Title screen.

  6. Click Forum to return to the Forums page.

Replying to a Topic

To reply to a Forum Topic:

  1. Click on the Forum link.

  2. Select the relevant topic link.

  3. Select the New button inside the Forum Topic.

  4. Enter a comment.

  5. Click Save to return to the Topic Thread window.