By default, the screen displays the Knowledge Base option, including:

To access the information related to the articles and FAQs that are grouped under the boxes listed above, click on the appropriate hyperlink. The information is filtered based on the items that you own and is then displayed. Information provided to the customers is filtered based on Item ownership. That is, Knowledge Base content is only accessible relevant to Items (Categories and Types) that Customers own directly, or via shared ownership through an Organizational Unit or Global assignment.


To search the Knowledge Base:

  1. Select a relevant item type from the drop-down list.

  2. Navigate to the Search box on the Self Help page.

  3. Use the Search box to enter a text-based search. For details, see Full Text Search.


    Select an Item Type, to display Classification options.

  4. Click to display all Articles created for this Item Type.

  5. To refine the search, select a relevant Classification.

  6. To clear the fields click

  7. Click to search the Knowledge BaseThe Search Results are displayed.

  8. Click the Title to expand the Article.