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Client for Open Enterprise Server

The Client for Open Enterprise Server software extends the capabilities of Windows desktops by providing access to NetWare and Open Enterprise Servers (OES). Once installed on workstations, clients enable users to enjoy the full range of OES services such as authentication via eDirectory, network browsing and service resolution, and secure and reliable file system access; all delivered through industry-standard protocols. The Client supports Micro Focus’s traditional NCP protocol.

Novell is now part of Micro Focus. Products across the portfolio are now being rebranded to reflect Micro Focus or a more appropriate name. This corporate change impacts the name of products and components, user interfaces, logos, and so on. The documentation update to reflect these changes (such as names and screenshots) is being done in a phased manner.

As a result of this corporate change, the new name for Novell Client is Client for Open Enterprise Server. Until all the guides in the documentation library are modified, Novell Client and Client for Open Enterprise Server are used interchangeably.

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Getting Started view last update
Readme    05/15/2019
Client for Open Enterprise Quick Start    05/15/2019
User Guide view last update
Client for Open Enterprise User Guide    05/15/2019
- Using the Client for Open Enterprise Server
- Using OES Utilities
- Configuring Your User Account
Administration view last update
Client for Open Enterprise Administration Guide    05/15/2019
- Overview of the Client for Open Enterprise Server
- Advanced Installation Options
- Setting Client Properties
- Managing File Security
- Managing Passwords
- Managing Login
- Security Considerations
Previous Releases view last update
Novell Client 2 SP4 for Windows 09/30/2015
Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows 01/30/2013
Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows 11/28/2011
Novell Client for Windows XP/2003
Novell Client for Linux

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