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Employee Self-Evaluation

INTRODUCTION: Give your employees a chance to voice their opinions on the work process, ethics, and procedures. Employees tend to respond well to self-evaluations, and your business might receive some very useful feedback regarding your best practices.


Figure 1: Employee Self-Evaluation Form

Employee Self-Evaluation Form

Figure 2: Employee Self-Evaluation Workflow

Employee Self-Evaluation Workflow


DESCRIPTION: This form allows an employee to complete and submit a self-evaluation. This encourages employees to actively participate in the process of job evaluation and feedback. It is particularly useful for those situations where an employee might work with minimal supervision, such as sales positions. The employee is empowered to rate his or her own work, as well as rate the company's business practices and effectiveness. The form contains a general comments section, which allows an employee to make requests or suggestions to improve working conditions or efficiency. When used correctly, such methods of employee participation can be a powerful morale booster for those involved.

The workflow we provide with this form is very simple. The employee just needs to submit the self-evaluation to his or her supervisor, who can then send it on to a higher level for review if necessary when the evaluation has been reviewed and any feedback given, the workflow is complete.

VERSION: Teaming 2.0, Teaming 2.1



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