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Novell Filr is the most powerful and easiest way for companies to deliver end-user file sharing, access, and discovery, from any mobile device with full enterprise security. End users enjoy a seamless experience either from their desktop, laptop or mobile device plus file sharing with anyone, based on corporate-defined roles and policies.

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Getting Started view last update
Novell Filr Readme       04/02/2015
Filr Deployment Quick Start       09/25/2014
"Hands-on" Guide for Windows       10/27/2014
"How Filr Works" Overview Guide       12/08/2014
Administration view last update
Novell Filr Administration Guide       01/15/2015
Novell Filr Installation and Configuration Guide       02/18/2015
End User view last update
- Web Application User Guide       01/29/2015
- Web Application Quick Start       09/30/2014
- Mobile App Quick Start       01/23/2015
- Desktop Application for Windows Quick Start       09/30/2014
- Desktop Application for Mac Quick Start       11/19/2014
- Desktop Application Readme       01/16/2015
Documentation Updates view last update
Documentation Updates       01/29/2015
Instructional Videos view last update
Novell Filr 1 1: Overview 09/30/2014
Upgrading to Filr 1.1 09/30/2014
Installing Novell Filr 1.1 09/30/2014
Sharing Files with Novell Filr 1.1 01/29/2015
Best Practices Guides and White Papers view last update
Simplifying Filr Deployments with File Reporter and Storage Manager       10/05/2015
Planning and Deployment Best Practices Guide       10/23/2014
Test Report - Net Folder Synchronization (OES)       09/30/2014
Test Report - Net Folder Synchronization (Windows)       09/30/2014
Test Report - Workload Scalability/Capacity (OES)       09/30/2014
Test Report - Workload Scalability/Capacity (Windows)       09/30/2014
Filr Community Resources view

The resources in this section are not official Novell publications from a Support perspective; rather, they provide additional resources to encourage interaction and information exchange between Filr administrators and other interested parties.

Filr wiki
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