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ConsoleOne Developer Kit

ConsoleOne™ Developer Kit is a Java* based, open architecture framework (or shell) with APIs for creating network management utilities (or snap-ins). It provides the basis for a single administrative or management console for all elements of the network.

NOTICE: iManager 2.0, a Web-based application for managing, maintaining, and monitoring Novell products, is the recommended management platform for all future Novell products. iManager 2.0 is based on the Novell exteNd Director portal, and iManager 2.0 tasks are implemented as portal gadgets. We strongly encourage you to use the iManager 2.0 Developer Kit to develop new network management solutions.


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March 2006


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ConsoleOne Developer Kit

For known issues, see the Readme before installing ConsoleOne Developer Kit.

We recommend using a 200 MHz or faster processor and 128MB of RAM. For reporting with large trees, we recommend using at least 256MB of RAM. You will experience better performance with more RAM and a faster processor.

To develop snap-ins, you must have the following:

To install to a server running NetWare® 5 or later so that you can run ConsoleOne Developer Kit from the server console, you must have the following installed on the server:

The installation requires a 32-bit operating system that supports Windows 95 compatible long file names.


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