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GroupWise® Tokens includes sample code and documentation for the GroupWise product. It names low-level events, such as 'save a file' or 'send mail,' and allows you to use tokens to extend GroupWise functionality. While a Custom 3rd-Party Object (C3PO) lets you extend GroupWise objects and the Object API lets you see and manipulate the GroupWise information store from outside GroupWise, tokens let your solution command the GroupWise client from DLLs and DDE scripts, using the Third-Party Handler. You can also use tokens to create Visual Basic* executables that users can run from the client interface.

GroupWise evaluation software is available from the GroupWise product site.


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GroupWise Tokens

To access and use GroupWise Tokens, you must have a 32-bit version of GroupWise installed.


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GroupWise Tokens

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