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Novell Identity Manager Scripting

Novell Identity Manager Integration Module for Scripting

The Integration Module for Scripting 4.0 provides an IDM driver development framework for connecting systems and applications that can be maintained by Scriptable interfaces such as Shell command line, Perl (UNIX), Python (UNIX), VB Script and Windows PowerShell. The driver for Scripting is available for Linux (32 and 64-bit), SunOS, AIX, HP-UX, FreeBSD, Debian, Tru64, z/Linux and Windows (32 and 64-bit). Extensions to the Integration Module for Scripting are available as Open Source projects (see below).


For documentation on the Novell Identity Manager Integration Module for Scripting, please visit the Novell's IDM Driver documentation site at

Open Source Projects

Below, you will find a few Open Source projects that are freely available for you to use or help contribue to.


  • Provides connectivity to the sasldb database, used by many Linux and UNIX applications for Simple Authentication Security Layer (SASL).
  • Available at Identity Manager sasldb Integration.




Windows Domain and Local Accounts

Exchange Management Shell

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