WebAccess Agent Queue Directory

The following directories and files are found under the \domain\wpgate\ structure for the WebAccess Agent after the software has been installed and the WebAccess Agent has processed messages.

Folder icon domain\wpgate\webac65a

Line SpacerGroupWise WebAccess Agent home directory

Folder icon 000.prc
File icon mmddweb.nnn

Line SpacerWebAccess Agent log file processing directory
Line SpacerWebAccess Agent log files

Folder icon wpcsin
Folder icon 0-7

Line SpacerMTA input queue directory
Line SpacerMessage priority subdirectories

Folder icon wpcsout
Folder icon webxxxx
Folder icon 0-7
Folder icon problem

Line SpacerMTA output queue
Line SpacerSystem-defined directory for the WebAccess Agent
Line SpacerMessage priority subdirectories
Line SpacerHold directory for damaged outbound messages

Folder icon gwhold
Folder icon gwprob

Line SpacerHold directory for delayed delivery messages
Line SpacerHold directory for damaged inbound messages

Folder icon files
Folder icon template

Line SpacerDirectory for documents attached to messages
Line SpacerDirectory for templates for viewing documents

File icon commgr.cfg
File icon comint.cfg
File icon mimetype.cfg

Line SpacerCommunications Manager configuration file
Line SpacerCommunications initialization configuration file
Line SpacerMIME encoding configuration file for various file types

File icon gwcache.db
File icon gwac.db
File icon gwac.dc

Line SpacerDatabase catalog of documents in the files directory
Line SpacerAccess control database
Line SpacerDatabase dictionary file used to create the gwac.db file

domain\wpgate\webac65a directory

The domain\wpgate\webac65a directory is the WebAccess Agent home directory where WebAccess Agent configuration files and queue directories are located. The name is established when you install the WebAccess Agent. The default is wpgate\webac65a in the domain directory. You can change the location using the /home startup switch in the WebAccess Agent configuration file (webac65a.waa in the WebAccess Agent installation directory) if you want to move the WebAccess Agent home directory.

000.prc directory

The NetWare and Windows WebAccess Agents use the 000.prc directory to store log files.

On Linux, the 000.prc directory is located under /var/log.

mmddlog.nnn file

The mmddlog.nnn files hold error and status messages about the functioning of the WebAccess Agent. The WebAccess Agent creates a log file each day with a unique name, where mm is the month, dd is the day, and nnn is a sequential number indicating the sequence of log files in a single day. For more information about log files, see "Controlling WebAccess Agent Logging" in "WebAccess" in the GroupWise 6.5 Administration Guide.

wpcsin directory

No longer used. The WebAccess Agent and the MTA communicate by way of TCP/IP and do not need queue directories.

wpcsout directory

No longer used.

webxxxx directory

No longer used.

problem directory

No longer used.

gwhold directory

No longer used.

gwprob directory

No longer used.

files directory

The files directory holds documents that are cached after they have been viewed. The gwcache.db file keeps track of what documents are available in the files directory. You can configure the maximum amount of disk space you want the cached documents to consume. See "Configuring the WebPublisher Application" in "WebAccess" in the GroupWise 6.5 Administration Guide.

template directory

The template directory holds the HTML templates used for viewing documents in HTML format.

commgr.cfg file

The commgr.cfg file in the WebAccess Agent queue directory contains information for communication between the WebAccess Agent and the WebAccess Application, including the IP address and port where the WebAccess Agent is running, the number of threads that are running, and the encryption key for the WebAccess Agent. This communications information is gathered during installation. For more information, see "Configuring the GroupWise Service Provider" in "WebAccess" in the GroupWise 6.5 Administration Guide.

As part of the installation process, the commgr.cfg file is automatically copied to the Web server installation (sys:\novell\webaccess on NetWare, /opt/novell/groupwise/webaccess on Linux, and c:\novell\webaccess on Windows). The copies are synchronized automatically by the WebAccess Application. The commgr.cfg file is also copied to the webpublisher subdirectory on the Web server.

comint.cfg file

The comint.cfg file in the WebAccess Agent queue directory is read by the WebAccess Agent on startup. It contains the same communications information as the commgr.cfg file and is synchronized with it automatically.

mimetype.cfg file

The mimetype.cfg file enables you to customize MIME content-type mappings for various attachment types. The WebAccess Agent handles this just as the Internet Agent does. For more information, see "Customizing MIME Content-Type Mappings" in "Internet Agent" in the GroupWise 6.5 Administration Guide

gwcache.db file

The gwcache.db file is like a catalog of documents in the files directory. When a user requests a document, WebAccess checks gwcache.db and if the document is already in the files directory, it can be quickly returned to the user. If the document is not yet in gwcache.db, it is retrieved, recorded in gwcache.db, converted for display in HTML format, and then returned to the user.

gwac.db file

The gwac.db file is the access control database that stores information about the classes of service you have created. For more information, see "Maintaining the Access Database" in "WebAccess" in the GroupWise 6.5 Administration Guide.

gwac.dc file

The gwac.dc file is the data dictionary file from which the gwac.db is created.