Identity Manager 3.6.1 WorkOrder Driver Implementation Guide.

  Identity Manager 3.6.1 WorkOrder Driver Implementation Guide.
      The Work Order Process
      Key Features
      Support for Standard Driver Functions
    Implementation Checklist
    Installing Driver Files
    Creating a New Driver
      Creating the WorkOrder Container in the Identity Vault
      Creating the Driver in Designer
      Creating the Driver in iManager
      Activating the Driver
    Upgrading an Existing Driver
      Supported Upgrade Paths
      What’s New in Version 3.6.1
      Upgrade Procedure
    Customizing the Driver
      Policies and Rules Used in the Basic Configuration
      Human Resource Example Using an HR Driver
      Human Resource Example without an HR Driver
    Creating and Managing Work Orders
      Using Drivers to Create Work Orders
      Using iManager
    Managing the Driver
    Troubleshooting Driver Processes
    Driver Properties
      Driver Configuration
      Global Configuration Values
    Objects and Attributes Used
      New Objects Used by the Driver
      DoItNow and SendToPublisher Flags
    Schema and Policy Rules For Work Order Management
      DirXML-WorkOrder Object
      DirXML-WorkToDo Object
      Publisher Placement Rule
      Subscriber Placement Rule
      Subscriber Create Rule
    Legal Notices