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NetWare 6.5 SP8

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Novell NetWare 6.5 is being replaced by Open Enterprise Server (OES) 2 (Linux). Some of the guides in this set include information for OES 2 SP1. For information about OES 2 SP2 or later, see the OES 2 Documentation Web site.

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storage and file systems

databases view size last update
mySQL on NetWare html  
Pervasive PSQL html  
disks and storage on NetWare view size last update
managing html  
understanding html  
distributed file services view size last update
commands and utilities html  
installing html  
junctions html  
management context html  
management tools html  
migrating html  
monitoring html  
move and split jobs html  
moving NSS volumes html  
planning html  
replica sites html  
security considerations html  
splitting NSS volumes html  
troubleshooting html  
understanding html  
virtual environment html  
VLDB services html  
file systems view size last update
comparing NSS and NetWare traditional html  
comparing NSS on NetWare and Linux html  
planning for NetWare 6.5 SP8 html  
understanding html  
understanding NetWare file systems html  
iSCSI for NetWare view size last update
configuring initiators html  
configuring targets html  
installing html  
managing html  
Performance Case Study html  
understanding html  
NCP view size last update
See the Novell Client access (NCP) page
NSS view size last update
backup and restore html  
comparing on oes platforms html  
comparing with Linux POSIX html  
comparing with NetWare traditional html  
compression html  
console commands html  
data shredding html  
devices html  
directories and files html  
directory structure, planning for NetWare html  
distributed file services html  
encrypted volumes html  
hard links html  
installing html  
management tools html  
media upgrade html  
migration html  
monitoring html  
Multipath I/O html  
partitions html  
performance tuning on NetWare 6.5 SP8 html  
planning html  
pool snapshots html  
pools html  
pools and volumes, cluster-enabling html  
quotas html  
salvaging and purging html  
security considerations html  
software RAID devices html  
terminology html  
troubleshooting html  
understanding html  
upgrading from NetWare traditional html  
upgrading the media format html  
utilities html  
verify and rebuild html  
virtual environments html  
volumes, managing html  
volumes, moving with DFS html  
volumes, splitting with DFS html  
traditional NetWare file system view size last update
configuring and managing html  
optimizing performance html  
troubleshooting html  
understanding html  

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