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PlateSpin Orchestrate 2.0

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PlateSpin® Orchestrate from Novell® transforms a static, manually operated data center into a highly flexible, automated environment where resources are dynamically allocated based on what is needed by any given business at any given time.

The core strength of the product is the capability to automatically, rapidly, and securely create and scale heterogeneous virtual environments. Its high degree of automation makes manual interventions almost unnecessary. Not only does this dramatically reduce data center operating costs, it also mitigates operating risks by eliminating human error, which is the number one cause of business outages.

The documentation listed below includes information about the newest release of PlateSpin Orchestrate, currently at version 2.0.2.

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Getting Started view size last update
Getting Started Guide  html   pdf  .6 MB 06/17/2009
Installation and Configuration Guide  html   pdf  5 MB 07/15/2009
Upgrade Guide  html   pdf  1 MB 07/15/2009
Readme  html   pdf  .3 MB 08/13/2009
Orchestrate VM Client view size last update
VM Client Guide and Reference  html  pdf 7 MB 06/17/2009
Orchestrate Development Client view size last update
Development Client Reference  html   pdf  2 MB 07/20/2009
Virtual Machine Management Guide  html  pdf .9 MB 07/09/2009
Orchestrate Server view size last update
Administrator Reference  html   pdf  .9 MB 06/17/2009
High Availability Configuration Guide  html   pdf  .8 MB 06/17/2009
Command Line Reference  html   pdf  1 MB 06/17/2009
Server Portal Reference  html   pdf  .7 MB 06/17/2009
Job Development view size last update
Job Developer Guide and Reference  html   pdf  3 MB 07/09/2009
Previous Releases view size last update
PlateSpin Orchestrate 2.0.1 02/23/2009
- Readme  html 
- Guides  zip  .7 MB
- Javadoc  zip  .7 MB

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