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Sentinel 6.1 Rapid Deployment SP2

12 MB
Sentinel 6.1 Rapid Deployment is a new packaging option for the Novell market-leading Sentinel Security Information and Event Management solution. Sentinel 6.1 Rapid Deployment includes full Sentinel functionality that can be installed on a single machine and is ideal for smaller organizations or regional installations. It is a SUSE Linux package and easily installs all components of the Sentinel system, including the database and reporting server.

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Getting Started view size last update
Readme  html   pdf  .3 MB 04/29/2011
Guides view size last update
Installation Guide  html   pdf  1.5 MB 04/29/2011
User Guide  html   pdf  12 MB 04/29/2011
- Downloadable User Guide Help  zip  13 MB 04/29/2011
Reference Guide  html   pdf  1.8 MB 04/29/2010
Sentinel Link Guide view size last update
Sentinel Link Overview Guide  html   pdf  1 MB 10/31/2011
Sentinel 6.1 Plug-ins view size last update
Sentinel 6.1 Plug-ins Downloads (Plugins and documentation for Collectors, Connectors, Solution Packs, Actions, and Integrators)  html        
Previous Releases view size last update
Sentinel 6.1 Rapid Deployment SP1       
- Readme  html       08/06/2010
- Guides     zip  11 MB 09/29/2010
Sentinel 6.1 Rapid Deployment Hotfix 2       
- Readme  html       10/01/2009
- Guides     zip  10 MB 10/01/2009
Sentinel 6.1 Rapid Deployment Hotfix 1       
- Readme  html       09/01/2009
Sentinel 6.1 Rapid Deployment       
- Readme  html       06/15/2009
- Guides     zip  10 MB 10/01/2009

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