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Novell Filr lets users share and collaborate on files, internally and externally, while IT maintains full control.

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Getting Started view last update
Readme 02/13/2014
Deployment Quick Start 09/27/2013
"Hands-on" Guide for OES (with run-ready VMs) 08/02/2013
"Hands-on" Guide for Windows 09/16/2013
"Hands-on" Quick Start for Windows 09/16/2013
"How Filr Works" Overview Guide 11/27/2013
Installation and Administration view last update
Administration Guide 05/27/2014
Planning and Deployment Best Practices Guide 03/28/2014
Installation and Configuration Guide 02/20/2014
End User view last update
Desktop Application for Mac Quick Start 09/16/2013
Desktop Application for Windows Quick Start 09/16/2013
Mobile App Quick Start 01/15/2014
Web Application Quick Start 09/16/2013
Web Application User Guide 07/30/2013
Documentation Updates view last update
Documentation Updates 05/27/2014
Instructional Videos view last update
Sharing Folders and Files 08/15/2013
Subscribing and Unsubscribing to Folders and Files 08/30/2013
Updating to Filr 1.0.1 09/30/2013
Previous Releases view last update
Novell Filr 1.0 08/15/2013
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  - Guides
Topic Index view last update
  - enabling/disabling
  - administrator
  - users
 Net Folder Proxy Users
  - planning
Net Folders
  - access rights
  - known issues
  - sharing rights
  - resetting Filr administrator
  - setting Filr administrator
  - users
personal storage
  - enabling for all users
  - enabling for individual users
  - understanding
  - managing
  - enabling users for
  - rights for Net Folders
  - understanding

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