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Resources for GroupWise Developers

GroupWise provides Collaboration and Security services that enable and improve the way you communicate with customers, businesses, and employees. For general information about GroupWise features and functionality, visit the GroupWise page. The following information provides the information you need as a software developer to integrate with, add functionality to, and customize GroupWise.

GroupWise 2014 contains a number of code optimizations and new features, including improved support for applications using the GroupWise SOAP interface, iCalendar support and click-to-call integrations.

Add GroupWise Functionality to Your Application

GroupWise Developer Suite—Provides tools, sample code, and documentation to accompany the APIs included in the GroupWise product. Individual GroupWise kits below make up the overall GroupWise SDK.

Perform Administrative Tasks Programmatically

GroupWise Administrative Service for GroupWise 2014—Provides access to GroupWise administrative data and functionality through a REST API. Use custom scripts or applications to perform administrative operations from anywhere.

Modify the GroupWise Client Interface

GroupWise C3PO—Custom 3rd-Party Objects let you add menu and toolbar items to the GroupWise client UI. You can define custom message types, capture commands such as when a message is created, opened or sent and events such as when a message is delivered or when GroupWise starts up or shuts down.

GroupWise Web Service (SOAP)

GroupWise Web Service (SOAP) provides server-side access to GroupWise data through a protocol. It uses industry standards to directly communicate with GroupWise Post Office Agent (POA). This protocol uses a combination of HTTP, SOAP, and XML to create a GroupWise Web service.


Internet Message Access Protocol is a protocol that allows you to access and manipulate electronic mail messages that are stored on a server. IMAP includes operations for creating, deleting, and renaming mailboxes; checking for new messages; permanently removing messages; setting and clearing flags; and searching for and filtering message attributes and texts. Support for the GroupWise implementation of IMAP is based on RFC 2060, version 4rev1 and RFC 3501.

See, Use, and Manipulate the GroupWise Information Store

GroupWise Object API—With the Object API, you can create your own client application; provides access to the Address Book, documents, mail messages, appointments, tasks, notes, and phone messages.

Command the GroupWise Client

GroupWise Tokens—Unlike C3POs which let you extend existing GroupWise objects, and the Object API which lets you see and manipulate the GroupWise information store from outside GroupWise, Tokens allow you to capture low-level events, such as "save a file" and "send mail" to create executables that users can run from the client interface.

Obsolete Components

GroupWise Administrative Object API for GroupWise 2012 and Earlier
GroupWise API Gateway
GroupWise Controls for ActiveX
GroupWise ODMA
GroupWise MAPI
GroupWise Trusted Application API
GroupWise WebAccess Customization

Additional Resources

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