Preparing to Use an External IDE

This chapter helps you get ready to use an external IDE for developing SilverStream applications. You'll learn about:

Basics of using external IDEs   Top of page

To develop a SilverStream application, you build objects such as JavaServer Pages (JSPs), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), and other Java classes, then deploy those objects to the SilverStream Server. You may also build client-side objects, such as classes for a Java UI that accesses the SilverStream Server.

SilverStream provides an IDE for building these objects (the SilverStream Designer), but you may choose to work in some other (external) IDE instead. To support external development, SilverStream provides integrations for several popular IDEs. Installing one of these integrations extends your favorite IDE to support SilverStream development tasks.

You can also work in external IDEs or additional tools without SilverStream integrations. As with the integrations, this type of environment (once set up) lets you build various kinds of SilverStream objects. The main difference is that you'll need to run a separate SilverStream utility to deploy objects to the server.

The following table will guide you to more detailed information on these topics:

To learn about


Choosing an appropriate IDE for your SilverStream application development work

Setting up your development environment (in the Programmer's Guide chapter on starting your development project)

Using external IDEs with SilverStream integrations

SilverStream integrations for external IDEs (below)

Using external IDEs without SilverStream integrations

Coding in external development environments (in the Programmer's Guide chapter on coding Java for SilverStream applications)

SilverStream API support in external IDEs

Coding in external development environments (in the Programmer's Guide chapter on coding Java for SilverStream applications)

Examples of coding common SilverStream application features in external IDEs

Code examples for external IDEs (below)

SilverStream integrations for external IDEs   Top of page

SilverStream provides integrations for the following external IDEs. Each integration is described in a corresponding chapter of this book.

To learn about the integration for

See this chapter


Using JBuilder for SilverStream Development

Visual Cafe

Using VisualCafe for SilverStream Development


Using InLine for SilverStream Development


Using Dreamweaver for SilverStream Development

Code examples for external IDEs   Top of page

To help you start developing SilverStream applications in your external IDE, SilverStream provides a specialized set of code examples you can examine, compile, and run. These external 3GL examples include:

To launch these code examples:

  1. Use your operating system to open the SilverStream install directory (typically C:\SilverStream35).

  2. Open the following file in your HTML browser:


    This displays the main page of online help for the examples. Use it to find and launch the examples you want.

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