Filr 3.4 : Understanding How Filr Works

  Filr 3.4: Understanding How Filr Works
    Filr Overview
      What Is Micro Focus Filr?
      Filr Storage Overview
      Filr Features and Functionality
      Why Appliances?
    Setting Up Filr
      Getting and Preparing Filr Software
      Appliance Storage Illustrated
      Deploying Filr Appliances
      Initial Configuration of Filr Appliances
      Filr Clustering (Expanding a Deployment)
      Integrating Filr Inside Your Network Infrastructure
      Ports Used in Filr Deployments
      There Are No Changes to Existing File Servers or Directory Services
    Filr Administration
      Filr Administrative Users
      Ganglia Appliance Monitoring
      Updating Appliances
      Certificate Management in Filr
      Filr Site Branding
    Access Roles and Rights in Filr
      Filr Authentication
      Access to Files and Folders Is Controlled by the File System
      Access Permissions and Filr
      Net Folder Access Involves Four Roles
      User Access Inside Filr
      File Attributes
      Net Folder Role Requirements Are Rigidly Enforced
      Filr Roles and NSS File System Rights Might Not Match
      Sharing Rights
      Windows Share Rights Don’t Affect Filr
      Access-based Enumeration (Windows) Doesn’t Affect Filr
    Filr Comments
    Filr Email Notifications
    Filr Search Appliance—Accessibility, and Searchability
      Indexing Refers to Two Linked but Separate Processes
      Object Accessibility Requires Search Appliances
      What Is Indexed and When
      Net Folder File Content Indexing Overview
      About File-Content Searchability
    Filr Licensing
    My Files (Personal Storage)
      Understanding My Files
      Enabling Personal Storage
      Restricting Disk Space Usage
      Home Folders Vs. Net Folders
      My Files Sharing Rights
    Net Folders
      Specifying Net Folder Servers
      Specifying Net Folders
      Net Folder Proxy Users
      Granting Access to Net Folders
    Protocols and Filr
    Sharing through Filr
      Setting Up Sharing for Users and Groups
      Understanding Sharing
      Folder Sharing (Advanced-Edition License Only)
      A Caution Regarding the Re-sharing Feature
    Filr Synchronization
      What Synchronization Provides
      Synchronization Process Overview
      Net Folder Synchronization Detail Overview
    File and Folder Access in Filr
      How Filr Makes Files and Folders Visible to Users
      Web Application for Browsers
      Mobile Apps
      Desktop Applications
    Network Time and Filr
    Users and Groups in Filr
      Leveraging the Built-in Security of eDirectory and Active Directory
      Provisioning Users and Groups
      User Visibility
    Legal Notice