Product Description

Micro Focus GroupWise is an enterprise collaboration system that provides secure email, calendaring, and scheduling. GroupWise includes task management, contact management, document management, and other productivity tools. Companion products provide secure instant messaging (GroupWise Messenger), synchronization with mobile devices (GroupWise Mobility Service), social collaboration (GroupWise TeamWorks), file management and storage (Micro Focus Filr), and teaming workspaces (Micro Focus Vibe) for complete enterprise connectivity and collaboration.

GroupWise can be used on your Windows desktop, in a web browser anywhere you have an Internet connection, on tablet computers, and on mobile devices. Your GroupWise system can be set up on Linux, Windows, or a combination of these operating systems.

Key Features of GroupWise 18

  • GroupWise: Conversation threading on items in the item list. Filr integration enhancements. Secure Gateway (GWAVA 7) support for scanning emails. Social Collaboration integration with GroupWise TeamWorks which lets you collaborate with your team members discussing ideas, posting files, and sharing links in virtural discussion rooms. New Client Welcome page that highlights the new things in the client.

    For a list of new features in GroupWise 18, see the GroupWise 18 Readme.

  • GroupWise Mobility Service: Secure Gateway (GWAVA 7) support for scanning emails. ActiveSync 16 support which provides enhanced calendar reliability and calendar attachments.

    For a list of new features in GroupWise Mobility Service 18, see the GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Readme.

  • GroupWise Messenger: Now uses the GroupWise Admin console for Messenger management. Messenger is no longer dependent on eDirectory. It can use any LDAP directory.

    For a list of new features in GroupWise 18, see the GroupWise Messenger 18 Readme.

File Description

Filename Usage
groupwise-mobility-services-18x86_64-xxx-SLES12.iso GroupWise Mobility Service SLES 12 full product download. GroupWise Windows client download file.
gw18.0.0_full_linux_multi.tar.gz GroupWise Linux full product download. GroupWise Windows full product download. GroupWise Messenger Linux client download file.
messenger18.0.0_client_mac_multi.pkg GroupWise Messenger Mac client download file GroupWise Messenger Windows client download file.
messenger18.0.0_full_linux_multi.tar.gz GroupWise Messenger Linux full product download. GroupWise files to be able to download the client from a Web server.


For GroupWise 18 documentation, see the GroupWise documentation web site.