GroupWise 18 Release Notes

1.0 What’s New

1.1 GroupWise 18

  • Messenger Administration Integrated into GroupWise Admin Console: Messenger Administration has been moved from ConsoleOne to the GroupWise Admin Console. This means Messenger is no longer dependent on ConsoleOne or eDirectory and can use any type of LDAP directory.

  • User Information in the Admin Console: You can now see a user’s shared address books, shared folders, shared calendars, proxies, rules, and statistics about the user in the Admin Console. When viewing details on a user, click the User Mailbox button to view their information.

  • New Welcome Page: The GroupWise Client Welcome page has been updated to show off all of the new things that we are doing in the GroupWise client. When you upgrade your client, the Welcome page pops up to show you all the new features you are getting.

  • Conversation Threading: Conversations in the Item List are collected into a single item. New replies to the conversation appear with a green border. You can reply to the conversation messages in line and add and remove users from the message. For more information, check out the new Welcome page and click on Conversation Threading.

  • Display Settings: Display settings are now easier than ever to manage. You can open it from the Nav bar and changes take affect immediately. For more information, check out the new Welcome page and click on Display Settings.

  • System Address Book in the Client: The System Address Book is now embedded in the GroupWise 18 Windows client. For more information, check out the new Welcome page and click on System Address Book in the Client.

  • Filr Integration Enhancements: The Micro Focus Filr integration lets you store attachments in Filr and use GroupWise to send links to those attachments. New to GroupWise 18 is the ability to send links to public attachments. For more information, check out the new Welcome page and click on Filr Integration.

  • GroupWise TeamWorks: GroupWise TeamWorks helps you easily collaborate via your web browser, mobile device, or the GroupWise client. With TeamWorks, you can discuss ideas, post files, share links, and invite others to join the conversation in virtual discussion rooms.

    GroupWise is the desktop client for TeamWorks. For more information, check out the new Welcome page and click on TeamWorks Integration.

  • GroupWise Licensing: GroupWise requires a license to run past an evaluation period of 60 days. A license is issued when you purchase GroupWise maintenance. If your license expires, it also affects GroupWise Mobility and GroupWise Messenger.

  • Secure Gateway (GWAVA 7): GroupWise allows integration with Secure Gateway (GWAVA 7).

  • Admin Service default response is now JSON: The default response format for the Admin Service has been set to JSON. Responses from the Admin Service can still be formatted in XML by setting a header in the request specifying the “Accept” type as “application/xml”.

  • WebAccess defaults to secure mode: GroupWise WebAccess 18 by default runs in secure mode. On Linux, Apache web server directives are added to the installer to redirect users from port 80 to 443. However, if there is no certificate configured in the Apache web server, it results in a broken redirection. Please configure your web server an SSL certificate before upgrading WebAccess.

    On Windows, since Tomcat run on port 80/443, it is configured to have a self-signed certificate by the installer. There is no issue with the redirection. If you want to use a CA issued certificate, follow the Tomcat documentation.

1.2 GroupWise 18.0.1

  • Conversation Threading Enhancements: The following enhancements were made to Conversation Threading:

    • When replying in line to a conversation, you can select to copy the parent message or the original message as part of the reply.

    • Inactive items won’t be marked as read.

  • TeamWorks Integration Enhancements: The following enhancements were made to the TeamWorks Integration:

    • You can now search for TeamWorks rooms.

    • You can create a new TeamWorks room.

    • You can Favorite/Unfavorite a TeamWorks room.

    For more information, see Using TeamWorks in the GroupWise Client in the GroupWise 18 Interoperability Guide.

  • Shared Folder Reply Button: The reply buttons text has been changed to reflect what happens when you reply in a shared folder. Reply has been changed to Post Reply which posts a message to the shared item. Reply All has been changed to Reply Privately which replies to the users outside the shared folder.

  • Caching Mode Change: Caching mode has been changed to better manage online storage items. The Mailbox Storage now only shows online items that you can delete instead of local only items.

  • Drag and Drop Enhancements: Attachments can now be dragged and dropped in more ways and locations:

    • The Attachment drop down now lets you drag and drop items.

    • You can drag and drop attachments and items to an in line reply.

    • Encapsulated items and files can be dragged and dropped at the same time.

  • WebAccess DVA Change: In GroupWise 18, WebAccess started using a local DVA instead of the traditional GW DVA. In18 SP1, you can using either the local DVA or the GW DVA. In the webacc.cfg file, setting the DVA.useRemote to true lets you use the remote GW DVA. You must restart Tomcat for this change to take affect.

  • Partial Word Matches in Find: When using a Find search, partial word matches are now found.

  • WebAccess Apache SSL: While configuring WebAccess during an install or upgrade, the configuration detects that Apache is not configured with SSL, it create a self-signed certificate and configures Apache with SSL. You should replace this self-signed certificate with a trusted CA certificate after the configuration is complete.

For a list of bugs fixed in GroupWise 18.0.1, see the GroupWise 18 Support Pack 1 Bug Fix List.

1.3 GroupWise 18.0.2

For a list of bugs fixed in GroupWise 18.0.2, see the GroupWise 18 Support Pack 2 Bug Fix List.

1.4 GroupWise 18.1

  • Find Updates: Find has been updated to be easier to use and pops out from the left of the client. The Welcome Page in the GroupWise client has more information on the new Find. For more information on using Find, see Finding Items in the GroupWise 18 Client User Guide.

  • QuickViewer Smart Sizing: Because emails have varying sizes and formats, QuickViewer now has 3 different sizes that it automatically switches between depending on the content of the email you are viewing. The settings are: Regular, Wide, and Extra Wide. You can individually customize each size. The Welcome Page in the GroupWise client has more information on QuickViewer Smart Sizing. For more information on using QuickViewer, see Displaying QuickViewer in the GroupWise 18 Client User Guide.

  • Main Window Settings: The Nav Bar actions have been consolidated under one Settings button with some additional options. The available options in Settings are: toggling the Folder List, toggling the QuickViewer and QuickViewer smart size settings, toggling the folder settings, toggling the display settings, customizing the Nav Bar, and mailbox options.

  • Reset System Folders: If you moved the system folders to a new location and want to reset them to default, right-click in the Folder List and select Reset System Folders.

  • Conversation Threading Updates: Conversation Threading has the following updates:

    • When replying to a conversation, your reply will auto save a draft where you are replying in the conversation.

    • You can hover over the Edit Recipients button to see who will receive the message.

    • In the Item List, you can right-click the unread number (highlighted in green) and mark those messages unread.

    • A status tracking icon has been added at the top of your replies to a conversation. Hovering over the icon lets you see a status summary. Clicking the icon takes you to the Properties tab for the full status.

    • When you select an item to be shown in the tasklist, the tasklist flag is now seen in that specific item in the conversation.

  • Updated Certificate Best Practices: To help you keep your system more secure, we have updated the best practices for the certificates used for GroupWise. The list can be found in Certificate Best Practices in the GroupWise 18 Administration Guide.

  • Display Document Management: You can now enable/disable Document Management for a Domain, Post Office, or user in the GroupWise Admin Console > select a Domain, PO, or user > Client Options > Environment > Appearance > Display Document Management UI. Disabling Document Management removes the Documents folder from a user’s mailbox and the menu and documents options.

  • GroupWise Mailbox Management: GroupWise Mailbox Management has been integrated into the GroupWise Admin Console to let you manage users’ rules. You must enter a GroupWise Mailbox Management license or Enterprise Messaging license to use GroupWise Mailbox Management. You can give administrators rights to Mailbox Management by clicking on the administrator and selecting Allow Mailbox management. Those administrators can then edit a users’ rules by selecting a user > User Mailbox > Rules.

  • Enable GWIA to connect to a Relay SMTP host using different port: You can now specify a port for the Relay Host for outbound messages on the SMTP for the GWIA. This is done by putting a colon after the host address and specifying the port number. You can add multiple hosts using the following format:

    <host1 address>:<port> <host2 address>:<port>

    If you do not specify a port number, the GWIA will default to 25.

For a list of bugs fixed in GroupWise 18.1, see the GroupWise 18.1 Bug Fix List.

1.5 GroupWise 18.1.1

  • Added support for OES 2018 SP1 and Windows Server 2019.

  • Thank you to Raul Morales Ramírez (Pentester) for disclosing a potential security vulnerability in which an HTTP header was reflected into HTML output.

For a list of bugs fixed in GroupWise 18.1.1, see the GroupWise 18.1 Support Pack 1 Bug Fix List.

1.6 GroupWise 18.2

  • GroupWise Web: In GroupWise 18.2, Micro Focus is pleased to introduce GroupWise Web. GroupWise Web has an updated UI to access your GroupWise mailbox on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops through your web browser.

    While the feature sets are not identical, in the next release of GroupWise, GroupWise Web will replace GroupWise WebAccess. In GroupWise 18.2, you can continue to use WebAccess and introduce GroupWise Web dependent on your organization’s needs. We highly encourage you to transition your users from WebAccess to GroupWise Web.

    As GroupWise Web will be replacing WebAccess, all new features and enhancements will only be added to GroupWise Web and not WebAccess. WebAccess will continue to be supported until the next release of GroupWise.

    IMPORTANT:You must have a GroupWise 18.2 or later system installed to be able to use GroupWise Web.

  • Global Signature Templates: Global Template Signatures let you create a Global Signature that uses directory attributes to dynamically create the signature for each user based on values from their account. The variables that are available for templates are: $FIRSTNAME$, $LASTNAME$, $GENERATION$, $MIDDLE_INITIAL$, $DEPARTMENT$, $TITLE$, $PHONE_NUMBER$, $FAX_NUMBER$, $MOBILE_NUMBER$, $PAGER_NUMBER$, $HOME_NUMBER$, $OTHER_NUMBER$, $COMPANY$, $STREET_ADDRESS$, $POST_OFFICE_BOX$, $CITY$, $STATE_PROVINCE$, $POSTAL_CODE$, $LOCATION$, $EMAIL_ADDRESS$.

  • Copy Display Settings: GroupWise 18.2 now allows you to copy folder settings to other folders. You can select one or more folder display settings to copy to one or more target folders. You can easily copy the folder display settings to all folders of the same type or all subfolders of the current folder. When creating a new folder, it automatically inherits the display settings from it's parent.

  • Updated Certificate Requirements for iOS and macOS devices: If you are using iOS 13 and/or macOS 10.15 devices in your GroupWise system, your certificates also need to meet the increased security requirements released by Apple. The requirements can be found here:

  • OS Support Changes:

    • SLES 15 SP1 is now supported.

      NOTE:When installing WebAccess, CalPub, Monitor, or CalSvr on SLES 15 SP1, you need to add the “Python 2 Module 15 SP1 x86 64" module.

    • SLES 11 is no longer supported.

    • OES 2015 is no longer supported.

    • Windows Server 2012 R2 is no longer supported.

  • Security Enhancement: GroupWise 18.2 supports TLS 1.2 or later.

  • Mailbox Management Features Added: The following features from GroupWise Mailbox Management were added to the GroupWise user mailboxes in the GroupWise Admin Console:

    • Personal Signatures: We added the ability to add and delete a personal signature. You can also mark a personal signature as the default signature.

    • Vacation Rule: We added the ability to create a Vacation Rule (if one doesn’t exist), enable/disable the Vacation Rule, or modify the settings of the Vacation Rule.

    IMPORTANT:You must enter a GroupWise Mailbox Management license or Enterprise Messaging license to use GroupWise Mailbox Management features.

1.7 GroupWise 18.2.1

  • Added a folder selection dialog on the find panel.

  • Added disable quick info menu to the address book and the address selector.

  • Added a built in filter to display only Unread items.

  • Added GroupWise Mailbox Management’s ability to modify proxy access for a user to the GroupWise Admin Console. This can be done on the user’s mailbox properties page > Proxies tab.

    IMPORTANT:You must enter a GroupWise Mailbox Management license or Enterprise Messaging license to use GroupWise Mailbox Management features.

  • GroupWise Web New Features:

    • User can now select “Keep Me Logged In” if they want GroupWise Web to automatically login.

    • When a user clicks on an email address in Web, it opens a compose window instead of the OS launching the native mail handler.

    • Users can invite other users to scheduled meetings.

For a list of bugs fixed in GroupWise 18.2.1, see the GroupWise 18.2 Support Pack 1 Bug Fix List.

2.0 GroupWise System Requirements

System requirements are listed in GroupWise System Requirements in the GroupWise 18 Installation Guide.

3.0 Installation

Installation instructions for GroupWise 18 are found in the GroupWise 18 Installation Guide.

4.0 Known Issues in GroupWise 18

4.1 GW Web notes and appointments on iPhone 7 don’t display recurrence properly (GW Web 18.2.1)

When using GW Web on an iPhone 7, recurrence on notes and appointments doesn’t display completely on the screen. It is off to one side and options are cut off.

4.2 GW Web visual bug with weekly recurrence (GW Web 18.2.1)

When creating an item with weekly recurrence, you can select the days for the item to recur. If you click Done in weekly recurrence menu to save the recurrence and then go back into the weekly menu, only the current day of the week is selected. This is a visual bug. Your previous selections are still used when you send the item.

4.3 WebAccess on Windows 2019, users can only see gray page (GW 18.2.1)

On Windows 2019 server, if you install or upgrade WebAccess, Tomcat doesn’t unzip the gw.war file completely causing users can only see a gray page when they go to WebAccess on this server. To fix this issue, follow the steps below:

  • Stop Tomcat.

  • Go to the Tomcat webapps directory (C:\Novell\Groupwise\Tomcat\webapps).

  • Delete the gw directory.

  • Start Tomcat and wait for it to unzip the gw.war file.

    NOTE:Tomcat can take some time (more than 5 minutes) to extract the gw.war file completely.

4.4 GW Web removing an attachments makes any attachments added after not appear (GW Web 18.2.1)

If you remove an attachment while composing an item in GroupWise Web, any attachments added after removing the attachment do not appear to be attached. The hidden attachments are still sent when you send the item.

4.5 SNMP on SLES and GroupWise support matrix

The following matrix tells you what version of SNMP on SLES is supported for your version of GroupWise and the TID you need to follow to enable SNMP on SLES:

GroupWise Version

SLES Version


GroupWise 18.2

SLES 15 or SLES 15 SP1

7024336 - How top get SNMP configured on SLES 15 or SLES 15 SP1 with GroupWise 18.2

GroupWise 18.1.1 or 18.1.2

SLES 12 SP4 or SP5

7024431 - How to enable SNMP on SLES 12 SP4 or SP5

4.6 GroupWise Mailbox Management communication issues with GroupWise 18.2

The shipping version of GroupWise Mailbox Management 18.0.1 doesn’t support TLS1.2. This is needed to for SOAP connections to GroupWise 18.2. A patch has been created for GWMM 18.0.1 (build #80) that enables TLS1.2 and will be available via the Check for Updates option under the Help menu. Use the link to download and install the new MSI.

4.7 GW Web character encoding issue when replying to certain received messages

Trying to reply to an email received with the Windows-1250 (and possibly other) charset(s) shows the original text garbled. Emails with UTF-8 charset are handled fine and do not have this problem.

4.8 WebAccess, CalPub, Monitor, and CalSvr don’t work when installed on SLES 15 SP1 (GW 18.2)

The Web Components don’t work when installed on SLES 15 SP1 (you do not need to follow these steps if you upgrade the Web Components). To fix this issue, you need to add the Python 2 Module 15 SP1 x86_64 module and run the following zypper commands to install python:

zypper in python2-rpm
zypper in python-xml

You can then install the Web Components.

4.9 Some applications stop working after upgrading GroupWise to GroupWise 18.2 (GW 18.2)

Some applications can have issues communicating with GroupWise 18.2 servers. Follow the instructions in the following TIDs if you want to use these applications:

4.10 GroupWise Web Quick Reply cut off on iOS 13 when using Safari (GW 18.2)

In iOS 13, the Quick Reply at the bottom of the Preview Pane in GroupWise Web may be cut off when using Safari. This can be fixed by minimizing the URL bar at the top by swiping up or by going to the options and hiding the toolbar and then refreshing the webpage.

4.11 Caching mode client unable to connect to GroupWise after upgrading POA

After upgrading the POA to 18.x, GroupWise 14.x clients earlier than 14.2.3 cannot connect to the POA in caching mode. The clients can connect in online mode. Upgrading the clients to 14.2.3 or 18.x allows the users to connect using caching mode.

4.12 rcgwcalsvr fails to run after installing on SLES 12 or OES 2018

In some circumstances, rcgwcalsvr fails to run properly after installing on SLES 12 or OES 2018. When in this state, the command displays that it is unused and inactive. This is caused because SLES 12 uses systemd rather than the SysV init system and GroupWise uses SysV style init scripts. SLES 12 and OES 2018 should automatically generate systemd units for the GroupWise init scripts, but sometimes this fails to occur. You can manually generate the systemd units for the GroupWise services by running the following command:

systemctl daemon-reload

4.13 Calsvr service fails to start after install

In some cases, the calsvr service fails to start or restart after an install because there is an orphaned calsvr process already running. You can workaround this problem by killing the orphaned calsvr process and running the rcgwcalsvr start command.

5.0 Documentation

The following sources provide information about GroupWise 18: