GroupWise Messenger 18 Readme

1.0 What’s New

GroupWise Messenger 18

  • ConsoleOne is no longer used to administer Messenger. Administration is now done through the GroupWise Admin console.

GroupWise Messenger 18.0.1

  • Messenger utilities have been enhanced to provide better error checking and error messages.

For a list of bugs fixed in Messenger 18.0.1, see the Messenger 18 Support Pack 1 Bug Fix List.

GroupWise Messenger 18.0.2

For a list of bugs fixed in Messenger 18.0.2, see the Messenger 18 Support Pack 2 Bug Fix List.

GroupWise Messenger 18.0.3

For a list of bugs fixed in Messenger 18.0.3, see the Messenger 18 Support Pack 3 Bug Fix List

GroupWise Messenger 18.1

GroupWise Messenger 18.1.1

  • File transfer settings have been added to the GroupWise Admin Console on Messenger policies and users. The settings are disabled, but will be enabled for an upcoming release of Messenger.

For a list of bugs fixed in Messenger 18.1.1, see the Messenger 18.1 Support Pack 1 Bug Fix List

2.0 System Requirements

GroupWise Messenger 18 system requirements (including requirements for mobile devices) are listed in GroupWise Messenger Hardware and Software Requirements in the GroupWise Messenger 18 Installation Guide.

3.0 Installation Instructions

Complete installation instructions are available in the GroupWise Messenger 18 Installation Guide.

4.0 Known Issues

4.1 Messenger default number of user UI bug

Due to a UI bug in GW 18.0 and 18.1, the Maximum number of users field for the Messaging Agent and the Archive Agent defaults to 100. The default setting in Messenger is still 5120 unless you save the Agent setting page on either agent. If you make any changes to the Agents Settings page on either agent and save the changes, the number in the Maximum number of users field is saved to Messenger. The maximum number of users that you can set because of the UI in GW 18.0 or 18.1 is 5000. This UI bug will be fixed in 18.1.1.

4.2 Deleting Messenger system from GroupWise and reconfiguring resets default LDAP server

If you delete the Messenger system from the GroupWise Admin Console and run the configure on the Messenger system, Messenger resets the default LDAP server to the first LDAP server in your GroupWise system instead of what it was set previously. You can set your default LDAP server setting in the GroupWise Admin Console > Messenger > MessengerService > Settings > Account Management > Default LDAP server.

4.3 Trust issue to GroupWise LDAP causing sync to fail

In order to connect to GroupWise to sync users, Messenger uses GroupWise LDAP which is configured on the MTA. If the certificate specified for GroupWise LDAP uses the same CA as GroupWise, there are no issues with syncing users. If the CA is not the same, Messenger will not trust it, users will not sync, and users will not be able to authenticate. To fix this issues, append the GroupWise LDAP’s CA certificate to the end of the /etc/ssl/ca-bundle.pem file on the Messenger server.

4.4 Display issue with underscore in user name when using IE 11 on Windows 8

If you are using Windows 8 and IE 11 to create a Messenger user in the GroupWise Admin console and the user contains an underscore and extended characters in the name, the underscore appears to disappear after the user is created. This is a display issue with IE 11 on Windows 8. If you change your zoom setting (zoom in or out) the underscore reappears.

4.5 MobileIron not passing parameters

When using MobileIron to install Messenger on mobile devices, the server, port, username, and password parameters are not being passed down to the device. This will be fixed in a future release.

4.6 File dependency missing on some versions of SLES

Some versions of SLES are missing the required glibc-32bit rpm dependency. When you attempt to install the Messenger rpms, you receive a dependency error. Installing the glibc-32bit before running the install/upgrade fixes the issue.

5.0 Compatibility with Other Instant Messaging Systems (on Linux and Mac)

IMPORTANT:The third-party messenger systems discussed in this section do not support the simultaneous client connections available with Messenger 18.

The Adium instant messaging application for Mac OS X is available at the Adium website.

The Pidgin (formerly Gaim) open source instant messaging connector is available at the Pidgin website.

The Kopete open source instant messaging plug-in is available at the Kopete website.

6.0 Messenger Documentation

The following sources provide information about GroupWise Messenger 18:

7.0 Legal Notices

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