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Open Enterprise Server 2 SP3

42 MB
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 is a secure, highly available suite of services that provides proven networking and application services in an open, easy-to-deploy environment.

(For NetWare documentation, see the NetWare 6.5 SP8 Online Documentation.)

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management tools

guides list view size last update
eDirectory Administration Guide html pdf 6.1 MB   
iManager 2.7.6 Administration Guide html pdf .9 MB   
iManager 2.7.6 Installation Guide html pdf .4 MB   
iManager 2.7.6 Readme html  
Linux Tips for NetWare Administrators html pdf .6 MB   
Novell Customer Center User Guide html pdf 1 MB   
Novell Remote Manager Administration Guide html pdf 1.6 MB   
OpenWBEM Services Administration Guide html pdf .5 MB   
Planning and Implementation Guide html pdf 3.2 MB   
SLES 10 SP4 Installation and Administration Guide html pdf 9.8 MB   
Customer Center view size last update
accessing html  
administering your account html  
managing products and systems html  
iManager view size last update
accessing html  
configuring and customizing html  
installing html  
navigating the interface html  
plug-ins, installing and using html  
plug-ins, running from the command line html  
role-based services, setting up html  
troubleshooting html  
understanding html  
uninstalling html  
workstation, running html  
NRM view size last update
accessing html  
coexistence and migration html  
diagnosing problems html  
file systems html  
group operations html  
hardware html  
Linux html  
setting up html  
system requirements html  
understanding html  
other management tools view size last update
bash on Linux html  
iFolder 3.8.4 iManager plug-in html  
imonitor html  
OpenWBEM html  
perl for Linux html  
SNMP for eDirectory html  
SUSE Linux monitoring utilities html  
SSH view size last update
OpenSSH for OES 2 html  
utilities references view size last update
Linux tips for NetWare administrators html  
YaST view size last update
accessing html  
installed by default
planning is not required
text mode, using html  
understanding html  

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