The Items tab allows you as the Customer to view all Items that you own directly or that are shared or via Organizational Unit ownership.

The Items tab lets you review the catalog of items that are currently available for creating requests. Some of the items in the list are assigned to you or to your Organizational Unit. As a customer, you can view the items that you directly own and which are registered with the support service.

NOTE:The Item tab does not include global items. If any global items are found in the system, you can log a request against them because they are displayed in the Items list during the request creation process.

Creating a Request from the Items Page

Within the Items tab, Customers can create a Request against any item included on the list. If Customers have access to multiple items, a new Request can be easily generated: by selecting an item within Items list view to access the Item Details and then clicking on one of these icons.

To create

  • an Incident, click

  • a change request, click .

This will pre-populate all the fields for the Request, except the Classification and Description fields that requires user input before saving the Request.

Alternatively you can also create a request from New Request.

Viewing Details of an Item

To view details of an Item:

  1. Click the Item # hyperlink.

  2. View details.

  3. To view specific Item details, click .

  4. Click to create an incident. Click to create a change request. These options are displayed based on the system configuration.

  5. Click Cancel to return to the item catalog list.

Adding a New Item

If the item option is enabled by the administrator in the application setup, as a Customer, you can create a new item within the Item tab.

To add a new Item:

  1. Click at the top of the items list

  2. Select a category and define an item type.

  3. Complete any known item details.

  4. Click Save.

IMPORTANT:If the Customer Visible option is set to No for the initial Lifecycle State (defined for the Item Category associated with the newly created Item), the Item will not be visible in the Customer Portal when saved. The Service Desk staff will need to move the newly created Item to a Lifecycle State that is defined as Customer Visible, in order for it to be accessible in the Customer Portal.

Searching for Items

As a customer, you can search for items and refine your search by item number, item type, or item category. When you select the item category, the fields that are defined as Customer Visible for the selected category are displayed.

Use to execute the search or to reset the Search field.