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ZENworks Service Desk 24.1


ZENworks Service Desk 24.1 is a complete service management solution that allows you to easily monitor and solve services issues so that there is minimal disruption to your organization, which allows users to focus on the core business. ZENworks Service Desk provides an online support system to meet the service requirements of all your customers, administrators, supervisors, and technicians.

Note: Visit the Product Support Lifecycle table for product-specific details, status, and maintenance end dates.

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What's New in 24.1    02/01/2024
Readme 24.1    02/01/2024
Platform Support Matrix    02/01/2024
ZENworks Service Desk Version Currency    02/01/2024
ZENworks Service Desk Getting Started    02/01/2024
Crowdsourced Languages for ZENworks Service Desk
ZENworks Service Desk Lookbook
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Virtual Appliance    02/01/2024
Upgrade/Migrate    02/01/2024
System Planning, Deployment, and Best Practices    02/01/2024
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Administration Guide    02/01/2024
Store Guide    02/01/2024
Getting Started with Advanced Authentication    02/01/2024
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User Guide    02/01/2024
New End-user Portal    02/01/2024
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Using ZENworks with Service Desk    02/01/2024
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Entity Relationship Details 02/01/2024
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ZENworks Service Desk Developer Resources    02/01/2024
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ZENworks Service Desk Developer Resources 04/26/2016
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