GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Release Notes

1.0 What’s New

1.1 GroupWise Mobility Service 18

  • ActiveSync 16.0: Mobility 18 supports ActiveSync 16.0 which provides enhanced calendar reliability, calendar attachments, and syncing of the drafts folder. Syncing of drafts is not fully supported in this release. Items from the Work in Progress folder in GroupWise syncs to the Drafts folder on devices, but things placed in the Drafts folder does not sync in this release to the Work in Progress folder.

    NOTE:Outlook clients still use ActiveSync 14.0 when syncing to GMS.

    ActiveSync 16.1 is not currently supported.

  • GWAVA 7 support for scanning emails: Mobility now integrates with Secure Gateway (GWAVA 7). Device emails are scanned and accepted or rejected. If accepted, the message is delivered to GroupWise. If rejected, the sender receives an email explaining that the email was rejected by the Secure Gateway scan. For more information, see Secure Message Gateway (GWAVA 7) Integration in the GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Administration Guide.

  • SLES 11 is no longer supported for Mobility

  • GroupWise Licensing required for Mobility: With GroupWise and Mobility 18, you are required to use a license for all features to work. For more information about the GroupWise license, see Licensing in the GroupWise 18 Administration Guide.

1.2 GroupWise Mobility Service 18.1

  • Draft Folders: Draft folders now sync both to and from your mobile devices. You can modify draft emails on your mobile device and have the changes sync to GroupWise. This functionality requires GroupWise 18.1 or later. If you are not using GroupWise 18.1 or later, then Drafts only sync down to the device and not back from the device to GroupWise. Drafts do not sync to Outlook as because it uses ActiveSync 14 instead of 16.

  • Proxy Calendars: Proxy calendars can now be synced to mobile devices. They show up on devices as a separate selectable calendar. In the user and Admin console, you can see the rights assigned to the user for the proxy calendar. Any changes in the proxy calendar are immediately synced to users’ devices. Appointments, Reminder Notes, Alarms, and Private appointments sync to mobile devices based on proxy rights. Proxy Calendars are disabled by default, but can be enabled in the Mobility Admin console > Config > GroupWise > Proxy Calendars. For more information, see Synchronizing Proxy Calendars in the GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Administration Guide.

  • Performance enhancements for login: Mobility caches POA information after the first sync to GroupWise so subsequent logins are faster.

1.3 GroupWise Mobility Service 18.1.1

For a list of bugs fixed in GroupWise Mobility Service 18.1.1, see the GroupWise Mobility Service 18.1 Support Pack 1 Bug Fix List.

1.4 GroupWise Mobility Service 18.2

  • SLES 15 SP1 support: SLES 15 SP1 is now supported in Mobility 18.2. If you want to install a new Mobility server on SLE 15 SP1, follow the regular install steps in Installing GroupWise Mobility Service.

  • Updated Certificate Requirements for iOS devices: If you are using iOS 13 devices in your GroupWise system, your certificates also need to meet the increased security requirements released by Apple. The requirements can be found here:

  • Security Enhancement: Mobility 18.2 supports TLS 1.2 or later.

  • Android Enhancement: Draft emails have been enhanced on Android devices.

1.5 GroupWise Mobility Service 18.2.1

For a list of bugs fixed in GroupWise Mobility Service 18.2.1, see the GroupWise Mobility Service 18.2 Support Pack 1 Bug Fix List.

1.6 GroupWise Mobility Service 18.3

  • Advanced Authentication: GroupWise 18.3 supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) through NetIQ Advanced Authentication. MFA adds an additional layer of security to your GroupWise login. For more information on MFA, see Using Multi-Factor Authentication in the GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Administration Guide.

1.7 GroupWise Mobility Service 18.3.1

For a list of bugs fixed in GroupWise Mobility Service 18.3.1, see the GroupWise Mobility Service 18.3 Support Pack 1 Bug Fix List.

  • Python 3: GMS 18.3.1 code has been upgraded to Python version 3. This requires a fresh installation.

  • SLES 12 Not Supported: You cannot run GMS 18.3.1 on SLES 12.

  • SLES 15 SP2 or later Required: You must install GMS 18.3.1 on SLES 15 SP2 or later.

  • LDAP User Provisioning and Authentication Not Supported: GMS 18.3.1 supports only GroupWise users and groups.

    IMPORTANT:Because LDAP Provisioning is no longer supported, only GroupWise visibility rules apply when provisioning users.

  • rcgms Commands Not Supported: To start, stop, and restart GMS, use the gms command.

1.8 GroupWise Mobility Service 18.3.2

GMS 18.3.2 includes several important bug fixes. See the GroupWise Mobility Service 18.3 Support Pack 2 Bug Fix List.

  • Deleted Users Still Listed: In some cases GMS continues to display user mailbox accounts that have been deleted in GroupWise.

    If you see this discrepancy, restart GMS by entering the gms restart command at a terminal prompt.

  • Documentation Updates: In addition to revised upgrade and migration instructions in the GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Installation Guide, the following documentation changes are also new in 18.3.2.

1.9 GroupWise Mobility Service 18.4

For a list of bugs fixed in GroupWise Mobility Service 18.4, See the GroupWise Mobility Service 18.4 Bug Fix List.

The following new features and enhancements are included in GroupWise Mobility Service 18.4:

1.10 GroupWise Mobility Service 18.4.1

For a list of bugs fixed in GroupWise Mobility Service 18.4.1, see the GroupWise Mobility Service 18.4 Support Pack 1 Bug Fix List.

The following new features and enhancements are included in GroupWise Mobility Service 18.4.1:

  • Dashboard messaging for python updates: Detection of python updates with an automated message in the GMS Dashboard to prompt a GMS restart if needed due to a python update.

  • User and Group enhancements: Users and groups with their visibility set to None in GroupWise can now be added to the GroupWise Mobility Service.

  • MCheck enhancements: A new system and two user checks were added under a new main menu option, 4. Checks & Queries, as well as a new Database option.

    • Checks & Queries: Item 4. Checks & Queries, is a new main menu option in MCheck that includes the checks below:

      • Option 1: General Health Check, in the Checks & Queries menu enables you to run an automated series of tests that display a status for each test run. More details are also generated in the logs.

      • Option 2: GW pending events by User (consumer events)

      • Option 3: Mobility pending events by User (sync events)

    • Database: The Database menu now includes option 4. Change PostgreSQL datasync_user password, which enables you to change the password for the datasync_user account.

2.0 Known Issues in Mobility Service 18

The issues listed below have been discovered in various 18.x versions of GroupWise Mobility Service and several of them have been resolved. Resolved issues are appended with the version they were fixed in and they remain in the list for those who may still be using an older version of GroupWise Mobility Service 18.

2.1 GroupWise linked items not supported in Mobility Service

Mobility does not support GroupWise linked items. For more information on GroupWise linked items, see Moving or Linking an Item to Another Folder in the GroupWise 18 Client User Guide.

2.2 GroupWise clients earlier than version 18.1 do not display draft attachments from iOS devices properly

If you create a draft and add an attachment on an iOS device and then view the draft using a GroupWise client earlier than 18.1, the attachment does not appear properly in the email. If you save the draft after viewing it using the same client, the attachments are deleted from the draft. These issues are fixed in the GroupWise 18.1 client.

2.3 Running the Profile Creation tool for Outlook on Windows 10 fails (Tool Removed in 18.4)

The Profile Creation Tool for Outlook fails on Windows 10. Follow the steps in Adding a GroupWise Account to the Microsoft Outlook Client in the GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Administration Guide to manually create the profile.

2.4 iOS devices not connecting to Mobility server

Since iOS 10.x, mobile devices might have issues connecting to the Mobility server. This likely is because of changes Apple made to their App Transport Security guidelines which cause issues with self-signed certificates. For more information on this issue, including possible fixes, see TID 7018670.

2.5 Autodiscover does not work for Hidden users (Fixed in 18.4)

Users with their Visibility set to None (i.e. Hidden users) cannot automatically connect their devices to the Mobility server.

Instead, they must manually enter the Mobility server’s IP address or DNS hostname to configure email accounts on their devices.

2.6 Disabling logins does not prevent sending emails

If you activate the Disable Logins setting for a GroupWise user, delivery of new items is immediately suspended.

However, the user can still send email from a mobile device for up to 60 minutes.

To prevent this, do one of the following:

2.7 Device setting changes not saving in some browsers (Fixed in 18.4.1)

Micro Focus recommends using a Chrome or Chromium-based Edge browser for administering device settings in the Web Admin console.

If you want to use a different browser, be aware of the following caveats:

  • Safari: The Safari browser doesn’t work for changing device settings.

    If you change any of the device setting options in Web Admin > Configure > Device Settings, even though the UI shows activity when you click Save, no configuration settings are actually saved.

  • Firefox: The issues in Web Admin > Configure > Device Settings are as follows:

    • IP Address field changes are not saved no matter how many times you try.

    • Other settings can be saved, but some of them require that you make and save the change twice. Therefore, you need to visually confirm that the change is made each time you click Save.

2.8 Clear Agent Alerts icons missing (Fixed in 18.4.1)

When GMS issues an alert, an entry for it displays in the Administration Console under Dashboard > Agent Alerts.

As documented in the help, you can clear alert entries individually by clicking the red icon to the right of the alert, or you can clear all alerts using the icon that displays on the right in the header row.

Unfortunately, in GMS 18.4.0 for all non-English languages, the red icon fails to display.

Nevertheless, both clear actions are still available by clicking where the icons should display:

  • To clear individual alerts: Hover over the action area until a line displays, then click the line.

  • To clear all alerts: Hover over the action area in the header until a hand displays, then click the hand.

This issue will be fixed in a future release.

2.9 Autodiscovery in Mobility Service is not working on Android operating systems

The Autodiscovery feature for mobile device users to automatically connect to the GroupWise Mobility Service using their email address is not working on Android operating systems.

Users can still connect to the Mobility Service manually. For information, see the GroupWise Mobility Quick Start for Mobile Device Users.

3.0 Mobility Service System Requirements

NOTE:Micro Focus recommends EXT4 as the file system when installing your Mobility server. Switching to EXT4 is a manual process.

For a complete list of system requirements, see GroupWise Mobility Service System Requirements in the GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Installation Guide.

4.0 Installation Instructions

See GroupWise Mobility Service System Requirements in the GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Installation Guide.

5.0 Upgrade Instructions

See Upgrading from GMS 18.3.1 or 18.3.2 to 18.4 or 18.4.1 in the GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Installation Guide.

6.0 Documentation

For all GroupWise Mobility Service documentation, see the GroupWise 18 Documentation website.

In addition to the GroupWise Mobility Service product documentation, the following resources provide information about the Mobility Service: