3.0 GroupWise Cross-Platform Client FAQ

NOTE:External cross-references in the section are found in the GroupWise 7 Cross-Platform Client User Guide.

I'm used to the GroupWise Windows client. What differences am I going to see when I use the Cross-Platform client?

See GroupWise Client Comparison.

Where's the Home View?

The Home View is a new feature in the GroupWise® 7 Windows client. It is not yet available in the Cross-Platform client.

How do I set up an automated response to let people know that I'm on vacation or out of the office?

See Creating a Vacation Rule.

How do I add text, such as contact information, to the bottom of every message I send?

See Adding a Signature or vCard to Items You Send.

My personal information in the GroupWise Address Book is out of date. How do I update it?

You cannot edit the information in the GroupWise Address Book yourself. You must contact your GroupWise administrator in order to update your personal information.

How do I change the way my name appears in messages?

See Changing Your Display Name. If the conditions described in this procedure do not apply to your circumstance, you must have your local GroupWise administrator use ConsoleOne® to change how your name appears.

How do I schedule an annual event, like a birthday or anniversary?

See Scheduling a Recurring Item by Dates if you want to use reminder notes, or see Scheduling an Appointment for Yourself in you want to use all-day events.

How do I change my default font for composing and viewing messages?

See Changing the Font of Items You Send and Setting the Default View.

What do all the little symbols next to my messages mean?

See Icons Appearing Next to Items in Your Mailbox and Calendar.

How do I add another column to a list of items?

Right-click an existing column heading, click More Columns, then select the columns you want to display.

Can I delete attachments from a received message?

No. Not at the present time.

Attachments open as read only. Is this correct?

Yes, that's true. Attachments open read-only. To edit an attachment, save it and open it in the application used for editing that document.

Someone gave me proxy access to a mailbox. How do I access it?

See Managing Someone Else’s Mailbox or Calendar.

How do I change the ownership of a shared folder?

At present, there is not an easy way to transfer ownership of a shared folder from one user to another. As a workaround, one of the users with whom the folder is shared can create a new folder and move the contents of the shared folder into it, then share that new folder with the other users, thus becoming the owner of the newly shared copy of the original shared folder. The new owner must have full rights to the original shared folder.

How do I forward all my mail from my GroupWise account to a personal e-mail account?

See Creating a Rule to Forward All Mail to a Private Mail Account

Can I send a message to a cell phone?

Most cell phones include an e-mail address for SMS messages. If you want to forward your messages to your own cell phone, you need to contact your carrier to determine the e-mail address of your phone. If you want to send a message to someone else’s cell phone, you need to know the e-mail address of that person’s phone.

How do I move my archive?

In the Cross-Platform client, click Tools > Options > General, then look at the Archive directory path to see where your archive is right now. Delete the current location and save the blank setting of no archive directory, so that no archiving can be performed while you are moving the archive. Copy your archive directory to the desired location, then go back to Tools > Options > General and provide the new location. Make sure you can access your archive in the new location, then delete the archive from the original location to conserve disk space.

I’ve run out of space in my mailbox. I’ve deleted everything I can think of. Now what?

You need to actually empty the Trash before your disk space consumption goes down.