GroupWise 8 WebAccess Client User Guide

  GroupWise 8 WebAccess Client User Guide
    Getting Started
      Starting GroupWise WebAccess
      Understanding Timing Out from GroupWise WebAccess
      Changing Your Password
      Getting to Know the GroupWise WebAccess Interface
      Exploring the Folder List
      Understanding GroupWise Item Types
      Identifying the Icons Appearing Next to Items
      Learning More
    Getting Organized
      Using Categories to Organize Items
      Using Folders to Organize Your Mailbox
      Customizing Other GroupWise WebAccess Functionality
      Sending E-Mail
      Managing Sent E-mail
      Receiving E-Mail
      Managing Received E-Mail
      Printing E-Mail
      Handling Unwanted E-Mail (Spam)
      Understanding the Calendar
      Managing Your Calendar
      Sending Calendar Items
      Receiving Calendar Items
      Publishing Personal Calendars on the Internet
      Printing a Calendar
    Tasks and the Tasklist
      Understanding Tasks
      Understanding the Tasklist Folder
      Using Tasks
      Using the Tasklist Folder
    Contacts and Address Books
      Understanding Address Books
      Using the Address Books to Address Items
      Using the Contacts Folder
      Working with Address Books
    Finding Items
      Understanding GroupWise Searches
      Searching for a Word or Phrase Using Find
      Searching with Criteria
      Narrowing a Search
      Viewing the Results of a Search
      Finding Text in Items
      Understanding Rules
      Actions a Rule Can Perform
      Creating a Rule
      Editing a Rule
      Deleting a Rule
      Enabling or Disabling a Rule
    Mailbox/Calendar Access for Proxies
      Receiving Proxy Rights
      Accessing a Mailbox or Calendar as a Proxy
    RSS Feeds
      Subscribing to RSS Feeds
      Reading RSS Feeds
      Deleting an Individual RSS Entry
      Deleting a Subscribed RSS Feed
    Document Management
      Searching for Documents
      Viewing a Document
      Opening a Document
      Saving a Document
      Viewing the Properties of a Document
    Maintaining GroupWise
      Managing Mailbox Passwords
      Managing Trash
      Checking Your WebAccess Version
    What’s New In GroupWise 8 WebAccess
      Improved Interface
      New Folder Types
      E-Mail Improvements
      Calendar Improvements
      Search Improvements
      Contacts Folder
    GroupWise Frequently Asked Questions
    Using Shortcut Keys
    Documentation Updates
      July 14, 2010 (GroupWise 8 SP2)
    Legal Notices