Scanner Error Messages

001: Unable to create Windows temporary directory.
002: Unable to register in to the DMI Service Layer .
003: Insufficient memory. Close some applications.
004: Windows temporary directory created.
005: Unable to update the minimal information file (MINFO.INI). Ensure the file has Write access.
006: Unable to free allocated system memory. Close some applications.
007: Insufficient memory to run the Scanner. Close some applications.
008: Unable to scan software using Microsoft Installer (MSI).
009: Software scan done using Microsoft Installer (MSI).
010: Unable to create the History file (HIST.INI) in the Windows Temp directory.
011: Unable to read the History file. The Scanner will recreate this file and scan the workstation completely.
012: Unable to create the .STR file.
013: Microsoft Installer is not installed.
014: The history file is corrupted. The Scanner will overwrite the existing file and scan the workstation completely.
015: Unable to update the numeric value in the registry on the workstation.
016: Unable to create the key in the registry.
017: Unable to update the string value in the registry.
018: Unable to find the MAC address of the workstation.
019: Unable to get the local time on the workstation.
020: The Custom Scan file is corrupted.
021: Unable to access the Custom Scan file.
022: Unable to write to the .STR file.
023: Unable to close the .STR file.
024: Initiated scan successfully.
025: Unable to create the minimal information MINFO.INI file.
026: Unable to find the Workstation DN Name or Tree in NDS.
027: Unable to read the sequence number from the Workstation object.
028: Unable to read the SCANDIR directory location from the Inventory policy.
029: Unable to generate the .STR file name. Contact Novell Technical Services.
030: Unable to update the Workstation object.
031: Unable to read the Software Scan option in the Inventory policy.
032: Unable to unregister from the DMI 2.0 Service Layer.
033: The Software scanning option is not enabled in the Inventory policy. Enable the Software Scanning option in the policy.
034: Unable to write to the scan error log, ZENERRORS.LOG.
035: Unable to find the Inventory policy. Associate the Workstation object with an Inventory policy.
036: Unable to access the SCANDIR directory.
037: Unable to update the Scanner intermediate file, SCAN.TXT.
038: Unable to update the Scanner intermediate file, MINFO.INI.
039: Unable to update the Scanner intermediate file, ZENERROR.LOG.
040: System environment variable TMP or TEMP is not set.
041: Incorrect ZENworks client configuration.
042: Unable to launch Inventory Scanner.
043: Unable to read the Software Rules file.
044: The Software Rules file is corrupted.
045: The Scanner configuration file for Jaz and Zip drives is not found.
046: Unable to load the ZENworks Library, ZENPOL32.DLL.
047: Unable to read the ZENworks Library, ZENPOL32.DLL.
48: Could not initialize WMI.
49: Could not initialize COM.
50: Could not initialize COM Security.
51: Could not create Wbem Locator Interface. Maybe WMI is not installed.
52: Could not connect to WMI server.

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