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ZENworks Mobile Management 2.5

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ZENworks Mobile Management provides advanced device control and policy management for iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and other ActiveSync-enabled devices from a single administrative console. With ZENworks Mobile Management, you can address the mobile management issues facing your organization today, including BYOD (bring your own device), security, application management, asset and inventory management, and compliance.

Pre-Installation view last update
Server Release Notes  pdf  06/18/2012
Evaluation Notes  pdf  06/18/2012
System Planning, Deployment, and Best Practices  pdf  06/18/2012
Checklist  pdf  06/18/2012
System Performance: Sizing and Tuning  pdf  06/18/2012
High Availability Configuration  pdf  06/18/2012
Supported Devices  pdf  10/03/2012
Installation view last update
Installing a New Server  pdf  06/18/2012
Updating an Existing System  pdf  06/18/2012
Configuration view last update
Configuring Organizations, Device Connection Schedules, and Policy Suites  pdf  06/18/2012
Generating an Apple Push Notification Service Certificate  pdf  06/18/2012
Distributing ZENworks Mobile Management for iOS as an Enterprise App  pdf  10/03/2012
Adding Users and Enrolling Devices  pdf  06/18/2012
Configuring Compliance Requirements for Device Access  pdf  06/18/2012
Default Policy Settings Reference  pdf  06/18/2012
Administration view last update
Administering an Organization  pdf  06/18/2012
Administering the System  pdf  06/18/2012
Securing the System  pdf  06/18/2012
Maintaining the Database  pdf  06/18/2012
End-User view last update
Device Platform Comparison  pdf  09/20/2012
Android Devices
- Release Notes  pdf  06/18/2012
- Using the Android App  pdf  09/20/2012
- Using the Android with TouchDown App  pdf  11/05/2012
- Android SMS and MMS Capabilities  pdf  06/18/2012
iOS Devices
- Release Notes  pdf  06/18/2012
- Using the iOS App  pdf  10/03/2012
Symbian Devices
- Release Notes  pdf  06/18/2012
- Using the Symbian S60 App  pdf  06/18/2012
Windows Mobile 6 Devices
- Release Notes  pdf  06/18/2012
- Using the Windows Mobile 6 App  pdf  06/18/2012
Non-Supported Devices
- Using Non-Supported Devices  pdf  06/18/2012
User Self-Administration
- Using the Self-Administration Portal  pdf  06/18/2012

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