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ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 4.1

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In today's computing environments, the majority of new data is on endpoint devices. These devices are mobile and not always behind your perimeter security. Laptops, smart phones, MP3 players, thumb drives and other portable endpoint devices are especially vulnerable to loss and theft. Through wireless connections, endpoint devices can access networks that might not be secure.

Novell® ZENworks® Endpoint Security Management 4.1 simplifies endpoint security by providing centralized management of security policies for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 devices. You can control a device's access to removable storage devices, wireless networks, and applications. In addition, you can secure data through encryption and secure network communication via firewall enforcement (ports, protocols, and access control lists). And you can change an endpoint device's security based on its location.

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Installation view size last update
Readme  html   pdf  .3 MB 04/16/2010
What's New in Version 4.1  html  02/04/2010
Installation Guide  html   pdf  2 MB 02/04/2010
- Overview  html 
- Deployment Scenarios and System Requirements  html 
- Preparing for Installation  html 
- Installing the Services to a Single Server  html 
- Installing the Services to Multiple Servers  html 
- Installing the Management Console  html 
- Installing the Security Client  html 
- Upgrading  html 
Administration view size last update
Administration Guide  html   pdf  5 MB 02/04/2010
- System Configuration and Maintenance  html 
- Security Policies  html 
- Security Client  html 
- Auditing  html 
- Utilities  html 
End-User view size last update
Security Client for Windows 2000/XP User Guide  html   pdf  .2 MB 02/04/2010
Security Client for Windows Vista/7 User Guide  html   pdf  .6 MB 02/04/2010

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