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Providing advanced network services for business on the industry's most secure and reliable platform, NetWare 6.5, a Novell Enterprise product, includes business continuity, Web application services, open source, and "virtual office" capabilities to reduce network costs and complexity while giving users around-the-clock access to the tools they need to be productive. Learn about the product or get 6.5 evaluation software.

Develop in C and Java

NetWare Developer Suite for C - Provides libraries, sample code, and documentation necessary for you to build successful network-ready applications and utilities for heterogeneous networks and the Internet using your favorite C language programming tools.

Novell Developer Suite for Java - Provides libraries, sample code, and documentation necessary for you to write object-oriented, multi-threaded, and dynamically-linked international applications for heterogeneous networks and the Internet using the Java language. This open standards-based development environment allows you to build portable and distributed applications, servlets, and applets that are easily managed, server-based, and secure.

Tap into core file and print services of the NetWare OS

NetWare 6.5 is an integrated product that incorporates Web and application server technologies that are increasingly becoming a required element aboard modern operating systems, along with the traditional file and print NetWare services that customers have long relied upon.

ActiveX Controls for Novell Services - Provides easy-to-use suite of ActiveX controls for rapid and effective development of network applications.

Beans for Novell Services - Includes beans to manage NetWare volumes, query directories, print queues, network sockets, session login, directory mapping, User and Group objects, UNIX User Accounts and other services.

Delphi Libraries for Novell Services - Access to all of the low-level NetWare APIs that have traditionally been available only to C programmers.

Libraries for C (LibC) - Consists of a new library and interfaces for implementing multithreaded, multiprocessor-aware applications, and other programs for NetWare. These libraries include a new standard C library (LIBC.NLM), which includes standard C interfaces as well as Novell Kernel Services (NKS) and new Unicode interfaces (UniLib).

NLM and NetWare Libraries for C (including CLIB and XPlat) - Provides the core cross-platform files and NLMs required for NetWare development.

Server Protocol Libraries for C - Contains the necessary files to create and compile a networking protocol-based NLM.

Integrate Datastores

NetWare 6.5 includes the DirXML starter pack which contains drivers for Microsoft Active Directory to eDirectory, Windows NT domains to eDirectory, and eDirectory to eDirectory, along with password synchronization.

You can use this starter pack to build data synchronization and replication systems leveraging DirXML and solve the problem of inconsistencies in common data within a network. Novell has additional drivers available so you can "roll your own driver" to integrate your datastore using the DirXML driver kit for NetWare and NT.

Identity Manager Driver Kit for NetWare and NT - Write drivers to take advantage of the DirXML feature of Novell eDirectory. These drivers can connect disparate directories using eDirectory and allow data to be automatically shared and synchronized across directories. The drivers will connect directories despite different naming conventions and schema definitions.

Build fast, scalable, secure Web Services on NetWare 6.5

All compatible J2EE* applications will now run on NetWare with the inclusion of the J2EE 1.3-certified Novell exteNd Application Server and development environment in NetWare 6.5. It also gives customers the ability to add secure Web services-based application development and secure identity management solutions with Novell exteNd and Novell Nsure .

exteNd Application Server - A proven, scalable, and reliable J2EE-compatible server with comprehensive support for Web Services. It provides you with the most complete foundation for building and deploying cross-platform, high-performance, standards-based applications.

exteNd Workbench - A comprehensive environment built to simplify and accelerate the development and deployment of Web Services and J2EE applications. As a developer, you can create a Web service using our powerful wizards and create J2EE deployment plans and descriptors using visual editors, all in one integrated environment. exteNd Workbench provides freedom and flexibility with one-button deployment to the leading J2EE-compatible application servers.

Open Source

Apache, MySQL*, Perl, PHP and Tomcat in NetWare 6.5 provide the best of the open source world integrated with Novell's industry-leading directory, security and management products. Customers can confidently run thousands of open source solutions, fully supported and running on the industry's most scalable, reliable and secure platform.

Apache Server for NetWare - Available with NetWare 6, the Apache Web Server is the most widely-used web server on the Internet.

MySQL for NetWare - An open-source relational database management system that allows you to use Java, C, Perl, and PHP APIs to access persistent data.

Perl for NetWare - Perl is an effective Web programming language that is especially useful for parsing files, generating reports and dynamic Web pages, and automating server tasks.

PHP for NetWare - PHP is a cross-platform, HTML-embedded, general purpose, server-side scripting language that is used to create dynamic Web pages.

Tomcat for NetWare - Tomcat is the servlet container that is used in the official Reference Implementation for the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies.

Create your own virtual office

The NetWare 6.5 Virtual Office makes a user's key business resources - including files, e mail, calendars and printers - available wherever that user is through a Web browser. Virtual teams can be easily created by users without IT staff help to organize projects and share information through real-time, browser-based collaboration with colleagues in any location.

GroupWise Developer Suite - Provides tools, sample code, and documentation to accompany the APIs included in the GroupWise product.

iManager Developer Kit - Novell iManager is a Web-based application for managing, maintaining, and monitoring Novell products using wired and wireless devices. The iManager 2.0 Developer Kit provides tools to develop and test iManager gadgets. It includes sample gadgets, documentation, and a version of the Tomcat HTTP server and servlet container.

NetWare Remote Manager SDK - Provides a set of APIs that allow your applications to interact with a remote client using HTTP. This interaction provides a way to extend and to display your own diagnostic information in NetWare Remote Manager.

Write drivers and gateways for NetWare

Driver and Gateway Development - Write LAN, WAN, CIOS, storage, device drivers, and print gateways for NetWare.

YES certify your software applications

Software Test Tools - Developer services provides test tools and methodologies to prepare your software applications to be "Novell YES CERTIFIED"

Novell publishes information concerning tested and approved products in the form of Bulletins available for viewing and printing from our YES Product Search service. Bulletins are also included in the world-wide marketing efforts of Novell, Inc.

Find out how YES certification can help you.

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