Micro Focus File Dynamics 6.5 Installation Guide

  Micro Focus File Dynamics 6.5 Installation Guide
      Folder Redirection and DNS Names
      File Server Resource Manager
      Verifying Proper Configurations and Permissions
      Create a New Host Record in DNS for File Dynamics
      What’s Next
    Licensing the Product
      License Overview
      License Version
      Obtaining a Product Activation Key
      Obtaining a License File
      Updating a License File
    Installing and Configuring an SQL Server Instance
      Minimum Supported Versions of SQL Server
      Determine Which Version of SQL Server to Use
      Install SQL Server Express
      Install a New Instance of SQL Server
      SQL Server Post Configuration Considerations
    Installing CouchDB
      Install CouchDB
    Upgrading from Storage Manager 5.2, or File Dynamics 6.x to File Dynamics 6.5
      Upgrading from Storage Manager 5.2
      Upgrading from File Dynamics 6.x
    Installing File Dynamics 6.5
      Domain Administrator Permissions
      Accessing the Product Contents
      Installing the Engine
      Installing the License
      Configuring the Database
      Configuring the Engine
      Configure the Epoch File Viewer
      Active Directory Schema
      Setting Rights and Privileges on Managed Storage
      Installing and Configuring the Event Monitor
      Installing and Configuring the File System Agents
      Installing and Configuring the Phoenix Agents
      Installing the Admin Client
      Authorizing the Event Monitor
      Authorizing the Agents
      Configuring Your Storage Resources
      Installing the Data Owner Client
      Administering File Dynamics
    Documentation Updates
      August 3, 2020
      September 10, 2019
      March 29, 2019
      September 28, 2018
    Legal Notices