Filr 3.4: Installation, Deployment, and Upgrade Guide

  Filr 3.4: Installation, Deployment, and Upgrade Guide
    Planning Is Critical
    System Requirements
    Setting Up Shared Storage
    Downloading and Preparing the Filr Software
    Deploying the Virtual Machines
      Deploying a VMware VM
      Deploying a Hyper-V VM
      Deploying a Xen VM
      Deploying a Citrix Xen VM
    Starting and Configuring the Appliances
    Creating an Expandable Filr Deployment
      Setting Up the SQL Database
      Setting Up Two Filr Search Appliances
      Setting Up the Filr Appliances
      Completing the Expandable Filr Deployment
      Dedicating a Filr Appliance to Indexing and Net Folder Synchronization
      Using the Dedicated Filr Appliance to Complete the Indexing Setup
    Setting Up Filr Services
    Upgrading Filr
      Upgrading from Filr 2.0 to Filr 3.0
        Upgrading a Large Filr Deployment
        Upgrading an All-in-One (Small) Deployment
      Updating to Filr 3.4
        Updating an All-in-One (Small) Deployment
        Updating a Large Filr Deployment
    Setting Up Sharing
      Enabling Users to Share
      Do Not Enable Sharing for All Internal Users and All External Users
      System-Level Sharing Must Be Configured First
      My Files Sharing Is Automatic
      Net Folder Sharing Must Be Explicitly Allowed At Two Levels
      Access Manager (NAM) and Filr Integration
        Configuring Filr Ports
        Downloading and Installing the Filr Authentication Plugin
        Configuring the NAM Identity Server
        Configuring a Reverse-Proxy Single Sign-On Service for Micro Focus Filr
      All-in-One (Small) Deployment—Creating
      MySQL Appliance—Configuring (Alternate Practice)
      Non-Expandable Deployment—Creating
      OES 2015 NSS AD as a Net Folder Server
      SCSI Controller Type—Changing on VMware
      Troubleshooting the Filr Installation and Upgrade
        Failure to Update to Filr 3.4
        Unable to Access a Newly Installed Appliance
        The Upgrade Dialog Box Is Not Displayed during an Upgrade
        Rolling Back to the Previous Version after an Unsuccessful Upgrade
      Third-Party Materials
        Growl License
        Oracle Outside In Technology
        ANTLR 3 License
        Colt License Agreement
        Dom4j License
        iCal4j License
        ICU4J license (ICU4J 1.3.1 and later)
        JAXEN License
        Firebug Lite
    Legal Notice