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ZENworks Mobile Workspace 3.15.1


ZENworks Mobile Workspace is a secure data container for Android and iOS devices. It allows you to provide email, calendar, contact, file and browser access to corporate users and ensures that the data within the container remains secure both in transit and at rest. ZENworks Mobile Workspace consists of the Workspace Server and the Workspace App.

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ZENworks Mobile Workspace 3.15.1 Readme    09/07/2017
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System Integration 09/07/2017
Installation 09/07/2017
Installation (Console) 09/07/2017
Checklist 09/07/2017
TLS Setup 09/07/2017
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Analytics 09/07/2017
High Availability Environments 09/07/2017
Push Configuration 09/07/2017
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System Update 09/07/2017
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Server Administration
- Security Server 09/07/2017
- Configuration Server 09/07/2017
- Administrator Quick Start 09/07/2017
System Backup
- Backup and Restore 09/07/2017
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Android Installation 09/07/2017
iOS Installation 09/07/2017
End User Quick Start 09/07/2017
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BRMS 09/07/2017
SDK Server 09/07/2017
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ZENworks Mobile Workspace 3.14.1

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