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Collector Development Guide


This section (and all following ones) assumes that you have already completed the setup steps detailed in SDK Installation and Configuration.

Creating a New Collector

Naturally the first step in develop a Collector is to create a new Collector, based on the template, that you can start editing (Note: if you are attempting to customize an existing Collector, refer to Customization). Here's the procedure to do so:

  1. Start Eclipse and make sure the Sentinel perspective is selected (Window > Open Perspective > Sentinel).
  2. In the Sentinel SDK pane at left, right click on the collectors entry and select New Collector Plug-in.
  3. Fill in the prompts:
    1. Specify the vendor that makes the product you are writing a Collector for. This should be the vendor's official name, e.g. what you see if you go to their website and look at their contact information. You may wish to look at the existing set of Collectors in case another Collector exists for this same vendor, and duplicate that exactly if you find it.
    2. Specify the name of the product for which you are writing this Collector. Again, you should use the official product name perhaps by looking at the vendor's website. Do not include any version information here.
    3. Select the category of the event source, i.e. type of product you will be collecting data from. This helps classify and group the data produced by this Collector.
    The SDK will create a new development area for your Collector and populate it with the relevant files.
  4. After the process completes, if you expand the collectors section in the Sentinel SDK pane you should see your new Collector.

This procedure will clone the Collector template to create a new Collector in a development directory. You will edit this new Collector plug-in to add code, meta-information, documentation, and other key features.

Collector Development Guide

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