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Open Enterprise Server 2 SP3

42 MB
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 is a secure, highly available suite of services that provides proven networking and application services in an open, easy-to-deploy environment.

(For NetWare documentation, see the NetWare 6.5 SP8 Online Documentation.)

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eDirectory and LDAP

guides list view size last update
eDirectory Administration Guide html pdf 6.1 MB   
eDirectory Performance Tuning Guide html pdf 6.1 MB   
eDirectory Readme for OES 2 html   6.1 MB   
eDirectory Troubleshooting Guide html pdf 6.1 MB   
eDirectory What's New Guide html pdf 6.1 MB   
eDirectory Libraries for C html  
Planning and Implementation Guide html pdf 3.2 MB   
eDirectory 8.8 view size last update
backing up and restoring html  
coexistence and migration html  
commands, quick reference for Linux html  
iMonitor html  
installing or upgrading html  
maintaining html  
Network Time Protocol (NTP). See the network protocols/services page. html  
objects html  
partitions html  
repairing html  
replicas html  
schema html  
SLP (OpenSLP) html  
trees, designing html  
trees, merging html  
troubleshooting html  
understanding html  
users, creating html  
utilities html  
WAN traffic manager, using html  
working with eDirectory when it's down html  
LDAP for eDirectory view size last update
configuring html  
contextless login, setting up LDAP html  
LDAP for eDirectory is installed by default
planning is not required
schema, migrating between LDAP directories html  
speeding up searches html  
understanding html  

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