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Open Enterprise Server 2 SP3

42 MB
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 is a secure, highly available suite of services that provides proven networking and application services in an open, easy-to-deploy environment.

(For NetWare documentation, see the NetWare 6.5 SP8 Online Documentation.)

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Planning and Implementation Guide html pdf 3.2 MB   
QuickFinder Server Administration Guide html pdf 2.5 MB   
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clustering html  
combined character sets html  
configuring html  
customizing the interface html  
designing a search solution html  
disabling html  
installing html  
internationalizing html  
migrating html  
optimizing search results html  
searching multiple indexes html  
security considerations html  
template variables and search parameters, using html  
templates, understanding html  
troubleshooting html  
understanding html  
virtualized, running html  

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